eastern dragon au


I present the Ginhiji dragons!! I was very proud of this and of how the way it looked..it makes me happy @gintamajustaway honestly made me scream with how Gintoki looks like Haku from Spirited Away and I lost it cause it was unintentional but I really loved that movie as a kiddo so it just makes me even happier.

expect more Ginhiji dragons later on tonight + maybe tomorrow, I have doodle sprees with these two its ridiculous.


well i dont know what happened here but it turned into sort of cuddling more like Phantom’s revealed himself to be king of the dragons or something and therefore lying on a feather throne ordering bitches around while his latest bit of acquired treasure is sort pinned next to him

…this isnt what you wanted at all omg im sorry i just felt so bad i  just saw this in the asks and doodled the first thing that came to mind

“That’s a handsome boy you’ve got there, Comtesse Cadash.”

“Thank you, Viscount Tethras. He gets it from his father.”

While they never married for whatever reason only known to them, the Viscount’s affections for the former Inquisitor and his doting attention towards her son is an open secret amongst Kirkwall’s nobility.


As mentioned before, Varricmance AU for my Inktober #5 catch-up.