eastern continental divide

Dear Open Journal: Trip #1

First Exploration of the Eastern Continental Divide

October 2017

Something has been calling me to the Eastern Continental Divide so this Friday I went camping there. It was a beautiful drive!

Tons of oak, maple, and hemlock. I found the idea campsite. Set up a large circle around the campsite utilizing Obsidian at the four quarters. 

I meditated over the weekend for a total of approx. 5 hours but never ended up meeting or discovering what it was that was calling me to that area. While I was mediating by the river I did hear the crunching of leaves and footsteps behind me and a distressed male voice which said “.. But, I need to feed my family!” I didn’t turn around. I could sense it wasn’t human anymore and had already left the area. I build a cairn and left some Agrimony (also known as “Healer of the Sorrows of the Druids”) for the spirit fragment so it may find peace. I didn’t see or feel any other spirit entities. I did see many chipmunks, squirrels, and birds!! Heard a deer rubbing its antlers on some trees and my sister who came up with my the first day saw a bobcat cross the road.

I will definitely be making return trips. There is something there. I can feel it. I don’t know what it is or how it will manifest but there is an entity there that has been calling me and still is.

In darkness and in light, where truth is still truth,

Selene Blackwell /|\