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White YA story

I have an idea for a YA movie/show

the scene opens up..its a dark haired teen. He’s dorky and he realize he has powers….now he’s worried about the authorities finding out and he has to keep his power secret. 

While a black kid has to worry about going home safe. But the white kid with powers is worrying about his powers getting out.
A girl is taking a chance in walking in public because white guy with powers is stalking her.
A gay teen is the but of every joke and is constantly harassed.
The Asian teen is annoyed at the model Minority myth. People calling him Chinese, despite he’s from Philippines.
The Middle Eastern student although a Christian is constantly being watched by white teachers.
The Latina has to work at the Fast food spot to help her family, but the white kid with powers goes his job and pays her no mind,

But the white teen with powers has a more interesting story…right?
Bonus points if the main lead is a white woman.

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please for a second try to imagine how infuriating it is to be a middle eastern christian esp during the holidays like not only is our existence completely neglected but we have to deal with racist white people being accepted as the representers of our religion while they spew hatred towards us yet worship AND whitewash Jesus Christ who was a middle eastern man


Eastern Orthodox Romanians celebrate on January 6th the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

Known as Boboteaza, this holiday holds a special place in the religious calendar, and is traditionally considered the coldest day of the year.  

Days prior to this date, priests go to bless people’s households with holy water; in some regions, groups of boys come to people’s houses to wish them for this occasion, a custom known as Iordanul, coming from the name of the river (Jordan) in which Jesus Christ was baptised; 

On 5th and 6th, special religious masses take place, priests sanctifying water; usually, people who attend the mass take holy water (agheasmă) for them, their families and households. 

Traditions, beliefs and practices regarding this holiday are aboundant in every region of the country. A popular custom is the throwing of a wooden cross in the water (river, sea) by priests, while men compete, swimming to find it, thus the one who manages to recover it, is considered to be blessed the entire year

On this night it is believed that unmarried girls who put basil under their pillow will have a dream about the man who will become their husband.

The following day, Saint John the Baptist is revered; people named John, and derivatives from this name, celebrate their name day (it is considered to be the most popular saint name in Romania), and thus, officially, the religious winter holidays come to an end. 

Examples of conservative hypocrisy on my Facebook feed:
  • A girl was told that she was not allowed to mention Christianity on a paper for class. She said, “They’re impeding on my right to practice my religion.” The class was focused on Eastern religions and she was supposed to explain in detail what Buddhism was.
  • “Welfare mothers should have their kids taken away!” *person in question is literally a baby factory and trying to push out kids just to have the “experience”*
  • “I’m SO media literate.” Only reads Fox News and whenever someone points out the lies in it they are a biased snowflake. 
  • “You’re such a snowflake, why do you always have to disagree with me?” …..Brenda I literally just told you that I agree with your stance for once, why you gotta be like this?
  • “Boycott Hamilton! How dare they attack Mike Pence?” I just literally sat here and watched you attack an innocent barista because they didn’t give you a Christmas themed cup.

The kicker? I’m literally describing one person. I wish I could make this shit up.

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra sings Christmas carols with Palestinian Christian children inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem


Sfântul Andrei - Saint Andrew

Eastern Orthodox Romanian Christians celebrate on November 30th Saint Andrew (Sfântul Andrei), the patron saint of Romania (who came and promoted Christ’s teachings to the locals, almost 2000 years ago, in the present-day region of Dobrogea, where one can still find remains of the place in which he dwelt, Peştera Sfântul Andrei - Saint Andrew’s cave, which also shelters a monastery nowadays).

The night of November 29/30th is traditionally known as “the night of ghosts”.

St. Andrew is also the patron saint of wolves, and it is traditionally said that if one (in the case of people which lived/live in rural areas) does not respect this holy day, wolves shall eat his animals (poultry, sheep, cows, etc.)

The most famous ancient legend circulating is that about ghosts that wander in the villages and indulge in evil actions: spreading various plagues, maligning crops and domestic animals, etc. To prevent such things, garlic was used everywhere, from animal stables to houses.

It is also traditionally believed that during this night unmarried girls shall have a dream about the man with whom they are destined to be. (customs vary from region to region) 

Christians who observe the four-week-long Christmas fast are allowed on this day to consume fish

It is also customary to keep wheat in a pot and allow it to grow, in order to foresee how rich the harvests will be the next year.

The Cross is the guardian of all the world, the Cross is the beauty of the Church, the Cross is the might of kings,the Cross is the support of the faithful, the Cross is the glory of the angels, and a scourge to demons.

Weekday Exaposteilaria for the Cross