eastern blocks

Au where everything is same but fbawtft is placed in Soviet Russia.
  • Everyone is suddenly *Tovarish Kredenc.  Tovarish Kredenc  is the only one who survives. If you want to live, you must became Tovarysh Kredenc.
  • Macusa is even more KGB. 
  • What beast? You ever heard of some beast? I certainly did not heard of the beast. No one ever died here.
  • Newt doesn’t even make it to the bank.
  • Tina suddenly disappears in middle of the story and is never seen again.
  • Graves still meeting Credence in the dark corridor, but now they squat there.


What are your 80s-90s animation recommendations?

I am writing a paper about 80s and 90s animation for my graduation project. As an art student I am also obliged to prepare the series of illustrations inspired by the subject. I myself am a 90s kid with a great  and everlasting love for all kinds of oldies, since I’m an eastern block slav most of the shows broadcasted here were already 80s ones and pretty big number of it was known and loved worldwide.

However, I am sure everyone had their own experience and definitely watched stuff that I haven’t, or didn’t get to watching it (I didn’t know about Lion kind of Voltron before reboot for example). It would be great, if you guys could share with me some interesting stuff! If you have any making-ofs or documentaries etc I’d be very grateful! 

Any documentaries or articles about 80′s and 90s aesthetic would also be great!

Thanks a lot!!


Tony Bogan brought the heat with his army of Apple clones.

A Bell & Howell jet black Apple II (licensed by Apple), an eastern block machine in characters I’m incapable of duplicating,  a System II, a Unitron apII, a Franklin Ace 1000, a Microdata TK3000 IIa, and a Laser 128 all stood to duplicate the classic Apple II experience.  An Outbound Laptop (which required genuine Macintosh ROMs to run) was also on display with it’s signature blue kangaroo logo.  The only genuine Apple product here was a Macintosh Plus.  How fitting…

Who knew there were so many Apple II clones!

The only TSR-2 to ever fly, XR219, at Boscombe Down between September 1964 and March 1965. Designed to conduct low level, high speed flights into Eastern Europe, penetrating air defences to deliver a nuclear strike, the aircraft was the last all-British wonder-child of aviation. With the V-Force ever increasingly the vulnerable force, in the face of new Soviet missiles, this was a necessary evolutionary step.

It must be said that this aircraft was one of the most advanced designs of it’s time; genuinely comparable to the SR-71 and XB-70 as regards innovation. Capable of Mach 2+ at medium-high altitudes, the design’s focus was on low level performance. At sub-200 feet, the aircraft would penetrate into the Eastern Block at around Mach 1.1. To achieve such performance at tree-top level, a completely new fully automatic radar system was required, far in advance of anything previously concocted. It would use terrain following and sideways looking systems which automatically maintained a prescribed altitude. Much speculation stands around it’s illogical cancellation.

History of Finland. More like

Nothing happens for a shitload of time. Sweden comes and colonialises us. Relatively good times. Russia attacks twice in 1700′s. Russia invades and takes us from Sweden in 1808-09. Russia tries to assimilate us. We get independence 6th of December 1917. We have a civil war that we still can’t really talk about because it’s painful and have a lot of names for it. We fight the Soviet Union, twice, lose both times but still have our independence. We get the Olympic Games in 1952. We suck up to the Soviet Union. The Eastern Block crumbles. We suck up to Russia. We win ESC in 2006.