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Visual Journal Entries + Photos from my recent road trip to Eastern Oregon and Washington.

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Our friend sarahisabeldotcom (@BeerAnyone) enjoying lunch in the Eastern Alps of Austria. The highest mountain in the Eastern Alps is Piz Bernina at 4,049 m (13,284 ft) in the Bernina Group of the Western Rhaetian Alps in Switzerland. The sole four-thousander of the range, its name is taken from the Bernina Pass and was given in 1850 by Johann Coaz, who also made the first ascent.

September 14, 1916 - Seventh Battle of the Isonzo Begins

Pictured - Italian troops advance along a mist-shrouded mountain ridge.

The Italians continued to pressure their enemies along the Isonzo River in the south-eastern Alps, beginning on September 14 the seventh Battle of the Isonzo.  The Sixth Battle, one month earlier, had resulted finally in an Italian victory, gaining a bridgehead around the town of Gorizia.  Italian Chief-of-Staff Luigi Cadorna hoped to expand his gains in September.

This time, however, the advance stalled against the high mountain peaks held by the Austrians.  The Itaian attack managed to capture several, including the 7,723-foot-high Mount Cardinal, but incurred heavy casualties in doing so and only minor territorial gains.


Image Courtesy of Benjamin Grant/Google Earth/Digital Globe

The Stelvio Pass is a road in northern Italy that is the highest paved roadway in the Eastern Alps with an elevation of 2,757 m (9,045 ft) above sea level. Only accessible in the summer months (June-September), the road and its 75 hairpin turns are sometimes scaled during the famous Giro d’Italia cycling race.