UPDATE UPDATE, you lucky things

Hey hey,

So I’ve been home for five days and thought I’d give y’all a bit of an update. .

I won’t beat around the bush lads, I’ve been for two runs. Let that sink in. Two. Whether you like it or not, I might actually keep it up this time, but we’ll see.

Easter Sunday mass was interesting. Since we moved house a while ago and I’m a bad/ slightly fake Catholic, I had only been to this Church once before and I forgot the best part of it. I can only compare the priest’s voice to that of my beloved Severus Snape. He had everything: the nasally tone, the sarcasm and best of all the ridiculous and unnecessary pauses. And to make it even better, he was an absolute bantersaurus rex, for a priest. After we did that hella dramatic bit where you ‘renounce Satan and all his empty promises’ or whatever, he gave us little cheers of ‘BRILLIANT’ and ‘EVEN BETTER’ as if he was expecting someone to pull a Faustus and make a deal with the devil right in front of him. After that, when he was doing the bit where he chucks water at you, he finished by going up to the kind of secondary priest bloke at the front (does that guy have a name? Back up priest? Side bitch priest? Idk) and fucking SOAKING him, claiming that he needed a ‘double dosage’. Shady fucker. So of all the priests, I’ve decided that the ones of the Snape genre aren’t too bad.

Now, ENOUGH OF CATHOLICISM. Today Sharon the babe and I decided to go for a COUNTRY WALK but little did I know that this involved braving a horse infested field. There were some close shaves but you’ll be pleased to know that I did in fact survive and am not planning on repeating the experience any time soon.Tonight I have had the most Lou evening ever. I watched the sunset while reading some Ibsen (bae), drinking some tea and listening to some emosh music and now I’ve got myself a glass of wine and some chocolate to write this with. All I need is some lipstick and a bath and I would have my entire aesthetic in an evening tbh.

I haven’t managed to see any of the friendlings yet but have plans with Chris on Friday (hoping the reunion is nice rather than awkward) and Niamh on Saturday, whoop whoooop.

Missing you lot or whatever, but see you soon my loves <3