Kevin Bridges - Number 40 Bus

The Easterhouse Phoenix

Impressive sculpture on Easterhouse Road by Andy Scott. The phoenix rising from the ashes is supposed to represent regeneration of this poverty-stricken region of Glasgow. Inspired by the Heavy Horse, The Phoenix was commissioned by a consortium of local residents who were aware of Andy’s work through his commitment to community based projects. The concept of the phoenix as a mythological bird which rises from the ashes works as an allegory for the regeneration of the Easterhouse area of Glasgow. After years of decline the area has been transformed and the community wanted a sculpture to act as a prominent landmark on the approach road to the estate.

The sculpture has been adopted as the emblem for a local school.

Never Forgotten

I hold you in my heart from the day I found out about you.

Then a kiss good bye.. How lost I was.

Even tho your not here right now doesn’t mean I never loved you..

It was in lov that you are where you are.

Faith in them that one day you’ll come back to me.

Faith in you that you’ll want to..

Proud I am of the great man that I know you are..

Proud of the day that all 3 of you stand infront of me.

proud of the day that all 6 of you stand infront of me.

With me..With us..



You give them money for old rope and not a single shred of hope

Can you?

Can you?

Can you see all  I’ve done?

Can you see me standing here looking?

Can  you see me struggling to hold on ??

Can you see Im a good person??

Can you answer me?

Can you see this was met to be??

Can you see the faith you’ll bring him to me .

Can you see  I don’t want to take him from thee…

Can you see the torcher inside me?

Can you see my lov for him??

Can you please answer me??

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