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Uhm, hmm, well it is Borosai but also TerrorSpeed? 

Earth weddings are complicated as Boros has come to learn. There are the parents of the Bride and Groom to consider, the priest, the Brides’ Maids and Grooms’ Men. There are the flower girls and ring bearers, the guests and the Bride and Groom themselves. Also the need to make such a public spectacle is a foolish waste of resources however he does understand the need to cement one’s claim on a mate.

“And do you Lightspeed Flash, take Tatsumaki to be your lawfully wedded wife until you both shall die?” the priest droned on while Boros tried his best not to drop off. Next to him, his mate was watching with an air of complete attention. And next to his mate was his mate’s disciple, and the disciple’s own mate who was trying to hide the tears slipping down his face. Truly a joyous occasion where even the black haired cried while his womb mate was ‘married’.

“I do,” the blond man stated loudly, proudly if the bright smile was any indication.

“And do you…” Boros ignored the rest of the words in favour of observing his own mate. Saitama looked decadent in the ‘suit’ he’d bought, actually spent money to buy and refused to let Boros buy for him. The cut of the cloth accentuated his mate’s muscled form, made it a long line of his legs and back, not to mention the way the pants hugged his ass. The alien couldn’t wait to rip the suit to shreds as he fucked his mate.

“Boros,” Saitama hissed, looking away from the couple standing at the altar for the first time since the ceremony started. The Cyclops tilted his head downwards, enough to show he was acknowledging his mate but not so much that Fubuki would think he wasn’t paying attention to her womb mate’s wedding. That woman was terrifying when she wanted to be, even he could admit that.

“I want to get married,” Saitama muttered, lips pursed, brows furrowed and eyes shining. For a wild second, Boros thought his mate was making one of his not-really-funny jokes but the seriousness of that expression. Well, he only saw that expression on the battlefield, and the bedroom.



Apple – Blast From The Past. Turning your iPhone into the original Mac by setting the date to January 1st, 1970.


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Sorry, but I had never heard of Cassandra Clare until you're recent post, and I just wanted to ask, if she didn't plagiarize this author, who did she plagiarize and why aren't they suing her instead?

During her fanfiction days, she would frequently lift lines and scenes from a variety of sources, and in at least one instance copied several pages from an out of print book by Pamela Dean.  She made claims that the copied quips and jokes in her work were ‘homage’ or ‘easter eggs,’ but after the Dean copying came to light, she was banned from fanfiction.net and much drama ensued.  There was no suing, because it was fans and readers who complained not the owners of those works, and also it was fanfiction.

Claims of plagiarism in her published works are tenuous – there definitely some, ah, familiar lines in her books, but she’s gotten better at changing them enough to follow the letter of the law.  Many people are upset, however, because her success as a published author was built in large part by her history as a fanfiction author.  She garnered a huge following before City of Bones first came out, and that following helped push her into the spotlight.  So in a way, even though she doesn’t (to my knowledge) actually plagiarize now, her success is built on past plagiarism.  A lot of people also find the breadth of her ‘inspiration’…distasteful.  (However, I am not one of those people.  I just really don’t care.  I care that she didn’t do anything good with what she took, though.)

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How far would someone have to go with taking inspiration from the show to make it plagiarism? There's a lot of ideas in this show I'd love to incorporate into original projects, but I don't want to feel like I'm ripping it off.

I think plagiarism can be a slippery slope if you’re taking ideas and using them as inspiration for your own work. I think having a foundational idea that is rooted in nothing but your own ideas (with perhaps just chances that there is some thematic overlap with other works, but nothing overtly intentional) you would have a much greater chance avoiding making your work seem like a rip off of another. Homaging, or putting in easter eggs and references to shows and works you appreciate within your own original work I think tend to read a lot better to audiences too, as it shows your interest and appreciation for something without relying on their framework to build your series up.

Works can be similar, and can have overlaps in ideas and theming, but working hard to make something completely your own I think is a lot more rewarding, and is more likely to be well received than “Oh it’s just another Steven Universe clone, I’m not interested in watching it”


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i dunno what you mean tho, you can listen to the album however you want?? the postcard is just a guideline/suggestion to how they would like us to listen to it regarding the EQ settings. a casual listener of music doesn’t usually worry about playing with the equaliser settings but they obvs want us to have a specific listening experience with this album (which is very THEM).

it’s nothing to worry about honestly it’s just another cool *Matty voice* “easter egg” for the fans which is v nice and just bowls me over with how much they give a shit about how WE as fans enjoy this album, a lot of bands wouldn’t do that!

i explained the settings & stuff here  x

p.s. u can’t manually change the EQ settings on an iphone if that’s what you were asking

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wait seriously??? wtf when did that happen??? (white lw thing)

Oh yeah, about like half a year to a year ago this happened for like a week. So lw’s mum (who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me) is technically black, and I say technically because you don’t see her in game it’s never referenced anywhere apart from if you look up her model in the geck (my friend said however this was done to make her legs visible during the opening but without a confirmed source saying that it is up to debate) or the easter egg of her and james in fnv where you can actually see a picture of her. My point being without these two obscure ways there is 0 way of knowing.

So some ass weasel decided it was racist to call lw white because they are technically mixed race, which I mean I’m not mixed race but I know full well you can have a mixed race child who is light skinned and for all intents and purposes looks white.

And it’s silly because as I said you would only know she was black through those two obscure ways, so it’s not even common knowledge. No one was going “yeah but lw’s mum is not black” they are calling their own character white like they have every right to do so because it’s their own fucking character, but some people have to get up on a high horse and shame other people for arbitrary facts. And people literally agreed with this asshole like it was wild and pathetic honestly.

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What did you think of the new episode of The Flash, aside from the obvious fanshrieking over the easter eggs?

Well I really thought that it captured the audience’s attention, and was one of the strongest this season. It was great jumping into another world and watching the actors play alternate versions of themselves. Plus Killer Frost! And Reverb was a great unexpected bonus. Really excited to see when Cisco himself learns to use his powers to their full potential.

Now some of the negatives. All the stuff with Jay…what the hell. Ok, so he didn’t lose his powers in a fight with Zoom (which incidentally means that whole fight-with-Zoom sequence they filmed was entirely fabricated, leading me to wonder just how Jay was sucked into Earth One?), he experimented with drugs and they depleted his speed so let’s give him more drugs? Why would Caitlin, a biochemist, ever think that was a good idea? So you guys need someone to sub in while Barry’s away, maybe call the multitude of heroes hanging out in Star City! I realize they’re down to Oliver, Dig, and Laurel at this point, but it looks like Dig, Lyla, and Thea are all showing up in the latter half of the Flash so I think they could spare someone.

As far as the doppelgangers on Earth-Two go, I thought Floyd Lawton’s, while funny, was a bit of a waste of his character since that’s probably the only opportunity we’ll get to see him again. I loved singing Joe but I kind of hated his personality. He was even more negative than cop!Joe, the guy who’s seen the worst kind of crimes for 25 years! He sings every song for Iris but he’s bitter about every decision his daughter’s made for herself and can’t even disguise the fact he blames Barry (or Bartholomew) for it. A real barrel of laughs Joseph is, and it makes me honestly grateful he got to raise Barry on Earth-One because I would not be able to stand him if this was how he treated him the entire show.

And Iris…I liked getting to see her as a cop (the profession she almost was in Earth One) but I really think it stunted some of her fun personality that I love. I realize in the latter half of the episode her dad has been killed and she should not be joking around, that all was handled fine. But I guess what rubbed me the wrong way was how much she treated her husband like a child. Their personalities seem very at-odds to already be married and receiving pressure to pop out babies, I have to say. Iris is incredibly matured and serious from having to assume the duties of both cop and provider in order to put Barry through school and Barry’s just sort of over-excitable fumbling geek who can apparently be expected to misplace his wedding ring and ask questions he should already know the answers to. At that point, if I were Iris, I’d be wondering why I married him, unless if I was taking him to see a doctor for sudden amnesia.

And, I don’t know, I guess I would’ve liked to see Barry as something other than a CSI? It’s kind of disappointing that we had all these dynamic differences in all the other characters except our protagonist. What would Barry have been like if he didn’t have this pressing need to solve the mysteries of the impossible?

But I thought the ending with Zoom was well-executed, and really raised the stakes. I’m looking forward to seeing how the second half goes, and how our Earth-One counterparts will get themselves home. Also hoping to see more of Jessie and learn more about just who Zoom might be. All in all, I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Zootopia Easter Eggs

I went to see the newest Disney movie earlier today, Zootopia (called Zootropolis here). I’ve noticed a bunch of easter eggs that are references to other Disney movies, and seeing as how new this movie still is (as in, hardly released anywhere yet), there was no place I could look them up on the Internet yet where they’ve been documented.

So, I decided to go ahead and do just that: document all the Disney easter eggs I caught in Zootopia. If I missed any, feel free to post suggestions! Be aware that I’m just going pure by memory here (due to obvious lack of online documentation yet), so please excuse me if there are any details I got wrong.

I advise not to read the rest of this post before having watched the movie yourself, because there’s some minor spoilers in here (and it’s more fun to see if you can spot them yourself!).

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I played around with the Cosmos base for the Monthly Contest. There’s already several gourgeous monochromatic or near monochromatic galaxy entries, so I kinda went: “what can I do to make something totally unexpected”.

Enter Easter Cosmos.

I don’t expect it to win, but hopefully it’ll make a few people smile. It’s like a super bright Easter egg attack among all the dark stuff. ;)

The egg pattern was done in Photoshop. If anyone would like to use it for their upcoming Aywas Easter needs it’s here:

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today in Target i saw this giant plastic easter egg and my first thought was "i wonder how that would feel up my ass." I'm not sure why, but I feel like you and your blog have corrupted me i was a goOD CHRISTIAN BOY



Every Easter Egg from The X-Files - “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were Monster”

Here are most of the easter eggs found in episode three of season ten. If you find any more, let me know….

The two paint-huffing stoners (Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker Smith) in the teaser sequence previously appeared in a pair of season three X-Files episodes: "War of the Coprophages” (also written by Morgan) and “Quagmire” (which Morgan did an uncredited rewrite on). “Do you ever think life is so amazing,” one of them asks, “that maybe we shouldn’t waste it by getting high all the time?”

Mulder and pencils. Usually he throws them into the ceiling (the first episode where that happened was the killer doll episode “Chinga,” from season five, co-written by Stephen King). Here, Mulder throws his #2’s like darts at the ever-present “I Want to Believe” one-sheet. “Mulder,” says Scully, “What are you doing to my poster?”

How Mulder dies. In their initial survey of the murder scene, Mulder remarks about how one of the victims might have taken a midnight stroll in the nude and been attacked by a wolf, a lion, and a bear all at the same time. “That’s how I’d like to go out,” says Mulder, clearly forgetting that in the Darin Morgan-penned season three episode, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” the title character played by Peter Boyle (a semi-psychic who can predict how people are going to die) said the agent’s life would end due to “autoerotic asphyxiation.”

How Scully dies. Speaking of “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” that was also the episode in which the Boyle character predicted Scully’s demise: “How do I die?” she asks. Bruckman responds, with a gentle grin, “You don’t.” Hence Scully’s “You forget…I’m immortal” quip to Mulder in this episode.

Porta Potties. The agents first come across Guy Mann (Rhys Darby) in a Porta Potty, which I like to think is a reference to a scene in the classic season two episode “The Host” in which the sewage-dwelling Flukeman hides in a similar cartable toilet. And the guy who played the Flukeman? Darin Morgan, of course.

Guy Mann’s human wardrobe is the same as Darren McGavin’s character from the 1970s TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which Chris Carter cites as a primary influence on The X-Files.

Alex Diakun. The peeping-tom motel owner is played by Canadian character actor Alex Diakun, who appeared in three prior Morgan-scripted X-Files episodes (“Humbug,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” and “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’”), as well as in Morgan’s season two Millennium episode “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me.” He also shows up in another Millennium installment, the Chris Carter-penned “Lamentation,” from season one. And he’s the head-transplanting lead physician in the second X-Files movie, I Want to Believe (2008).

The red speedo. When the motel owner peeps into Mulder’s room, he sees the agent sleeping in the infamous red speedo from the season-two mythology episode, “Duane Barry,” which set so many viewer mouths to “drool.”

The graveyard sequence is especially dense with references. Mulder approaches, and lovingly touches, a tombstone engraved with the name of the late Kim Manners, the director who helmed the most X-Files episodes (52 in total), from his season-two debut (“Die Hand Die Verletzt”) to the season-nine series finale (“The Truth”). The epigraph on the stone, “Let’s Kick It in the Ass,” was a frequent Manners saying.

Jack Hardy. The tombstone Guy Mann is standing in front of is for the late Jack Hardy, an assistant director on two Chris Carter series—Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. He held the same position on the second X-Files movie, I Want to Believe. Julie Ng, who is working on the behind-the-scenes features for the season ten X-Files blu-ray, told me that Hardy was an especially beloved member of the Vancouver film community.

Mulder’s ringtone. After Mulder drinks himself into a stupor in the graveyard, he’s woken up by his ringtone — the X-Files theme song, composed by Mark Snow…… *My favorite egg*

Daggoo! The cute canine Guy Mann adopts, and Scully later sneaks out of the animal shelter. This continues Morgan’s trend of referencing Herman Melville’s time-honored Moby-Dick. In the novel, Daggoo is one of the harpooneers on the Pequod, the ship captained by the tyrannical Ahab. In one of the Morgan-ghostwritten scenes for season three’s “Quagmire,” Scully likens Mulder to Ahab, and compares the agent’s quixotic quest to Ahab’s obsessive search for the great white whale. It’s also in that episode that Scully’s pet Pomeranian, Queequeg, who is introduced in “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” is eaten by an alligator. Queequeg is another character in Moby-Dick — a harpooneer on the Pequod and good friend to the novel’s narrator Ishmael. And as we found out in the season-one episode “Beyond the Sea” (cowritten by Morgan’s brother Glen), Scully was often referred to as “Starbuck” by her father — Starbuck being the Pequod’s chief mate. 

Source: Vulture

Again, if you find more let everyone know. You can find other season ten Easter eggs listed here on my blog.

The Biggest Clue is in the Pilot, Part Two: "The Other One” and the False First Date Parallel

You’re gonna wanna read part one first.

Remember how everyone (even Cory & Topanga) assumed Maya asking Lucas out was a parallel to Shawn asking Topanga out in ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’? And it was, a little, because Maya’s intention was to push Lucas into asking Riley out, which is what happens. However, Shawn wasn’t harboring secret feelings for Topanga in ‘MBFG’ whereas we now know that Maya WAS harboring secret feelings for Lucas in 'First Date.’ Furthermore…we never actually SEE Shawn ask Topanga out in ‘MBFG.’ And Topanga says YES to Shawn. In ‘MBFG,’ Cory and Topanga don’t get together until AFTER their dates with Shawn & Trini, whereas in ‘First Date’ Riley and Lucas go on their date together in the first place. This “parallel” has been bugging me for a long time, because it just doesn’t quite FIT.

And here’s why it doesn’t fit: as far as the visuals and the dialogue and what’s going on/going to happen, Maya approaching Lucas after the “other one” conversation ACTUALLY parallels more closely with ‘The Beard’ and NOT ‘My Best Friend’s Girl.’ 

Skeptical about ‘First Date’ paralleling ‘The Beard’ more than it parallels ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’? I guess I don’t blame you, but let’s keep going. Let’s rejoin Cory & Shawn, now hanging out in the hallway after lunch:

(in the hallway, just after the cafeteria scene)
Cory: You are a sick and twisted individual.
Shawn: To you. To me, I’m a visionary.
Cory: It can’t work.
Shawn: It’s bulletproof. I start dating one of the girls while you go out with the other one. That way she’s off the market until I’m ready to date her.
Cory: What, you want me to keep her fresh until you’re ready for her? What am I Tupperware?
Shawn: What else do you have to do?
Cory: What do I have to do? I’ll have you know - my calendar is chock-full.
Shawn: Of what?
Cory: Well, look, right here. I mean, I got Lincoln’s birthday, and after that I got “Lincoln’s birthday, traditional,” and then there’s, uh, “vernal equinox” and, uh, “Cinco de Mayo” and “reorder calendar pages.” See, I’m so busy I can’t even talk to you now.
Shawn: So you’re gonna do this for me?
Cory: Oh, obviously!
Shawn: You’re a lifesaver. I owe you.
Cory: Yeah, yeah. So, Shawn, just choose. Which one am I baby-sitting, meat loaf or chicken?
Shawn: OK, whichever one comes up to me first, I’ll go out with her, because that means she likes me better than the other one.

Wait. Wait wait wait. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? This exchange ought to be ringing all of your BMW/GMW parallel alarms.

Farkle: You know what I was afraid of?
Lucas: What?
Farkle: You.
Lucas: How come?
Farkle: I know we’re good friends and all, but I’ve always considered you a bit of a threat. Just like I know you’ve always considered me a bit of a threat.
Lucas: Yeah, you keep me up at night.
Farkle: But now I realize you’re actually the solution to my Riley-Maya dilemma.
Lucas: How do you figure, Farkle?
Farkle: I just never asked one out because I knew it would break the heart of the other.
Lucas: What if I ask one of ‘em out?
Farkle: Bye-bye I get the other one.
Lucas: What if I ask the other one out?
Farkle: Hello, I get the first one. How long do you wanna keep doing this?
Lucas: Well, there’s only two of them.
Farkle: So, you’re going to ask one of them out?
Lucas: Maybe I will someday.

Are these parallels EXACT? Well, no. But if you think it’s an accident that the “other one” idea repeats here…then I really don’t know what to tell you anymore other than “There is no such thing as coincidence.” We’re going to come back to Farkle and whether or not he’s actually a threat in a later installment. For now, what happens immediately after these “other one” conversations? Let’s see:

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

(gifs courtesy of @kacie-ville)

The blondes (Linda & Maya) come up to Shawn & Lucas first. According to Shawn, this means Linda likes him better than Stacy (the brunette). Draw your own conclusions for what that means about Maya. And full disclosure, YES I cut off the last two lines of Farkle & Lucas’s conversation to save space. Let’s pause for a second to discuss GIF #7, the last one from 'First Date.’ We’ve got both Riley and Farkle in costumes that echo each other color palette-wise (and even style-wise a bit with his open shirt and her jacket), and then we’ve got Maya and Lucas in yellow and turquoise respectively. Centered between Maya and Lucas in the background we see a boy and a girl ALSO in turquoise and yellow. This visual is NO accident. The composition of this shot was storyboarded in advance, I promise you.

So, what ends up happening is that Shawn chokes when Linda approaches and tells him to call her.

(immediately after the “babysit the other one” conversation, Linda, the blonde, walks up)
Linda: Hi, Shawn.
Shawn: Linda.
Cory: Linda, congratulations!
Linda: For what?
Shawn: For looking very Lindacious today. Isn’t that enough?
Linda: Not for me. Call me.
(she walks away)
Cory: What was that all about? I thought she was the one.
Shawn: I don’t know. I panicked. I can’t decide.
Cory: Fine. You know what? You take Stacy, I’ll take Linda.
Shawn: No. I want Linda.
Cory: Fine. Then I’ll take Stacy.
Shawn: No.
Cory: Shawn, you’re being greedy.
Shawn: No, I’m not.
Cory: Fine. I’ll go out with Debbie.
Shawn: I want Debbie!
Cory: There is no Debbie!
Shawn: Somewhere there’s a Debbie.

On GMW, Lucas absolutely FREEZES when Maya asks him out. For ten full seconds he just gapes at Maya and doesn’t move until he blinks himself out of it. Ten seconds is an ETERNITY on a 22-minute sitcom, so this is no small thing. Lucas is totally panicking here. We didn’t really know why, at first. Most of us originally assumed it was because he’s not into Maya and she’s not into him and he can’t figure out why she’s asking him out, but now…well, we know they liked each other at the time. GMW’s made it more than clear that Maya’s liked Lucas for a long, long time, and they officially revealed it in GM Texas. We pretty much know that Lucas also liked Maya back then (S1 is the era when he was calling Zay and referring to Maya as “blonde beauty” and I will eat my hat if we don’t find out for 100% certain that Lucas has also liked Maya all along in Legacy or in the first seven or so episodes of S3—which is not to say that he didn’t also have feelings for Riley at the time, because he absolutely did).

But of course, neither Maya NOR Lucas knows that their feelings are reciprocated at this point. Maya looks over at Riley, and either that glance is how Lucas picked up what Maya was pushing him into, or there was a private conversation between them that we didn’t see. I’m inclined to say it’s the former, personally. Lucas was considering asking one of the girls out “someday,” he’s got feelings for them both, and Riley’s the one he KNOWS likes him back. So when Maya asked him out, it probably wasn’t too difficult for Lucas to figure out what she was doing because (a) Maya’s been pushing him towards Riley all season, and (b) the idea of Maya actually liking him is NOWHERE on Lucas’s radar, so it probably wasn’t a stretch for him to conclude that Maya was pushing him to ask Riley out. Which he proceeds to do because he DOES like Riley (even though he also likes Maya).

But here’s some dialogue from 'The Beard’ that should give you a little insight into why both Shawn and Lucas panicked when the blondes approached them:

Cory: Well, it’s kind of hard to talk to girls you like.

We’re gonna loop back around to that idea a little later. But for now…

Next up: a brief interlude to discuss the story (the idea) versus the plot and what that means for GMW as relates to BMW 'The Beard.’

(And by the way, if you figure out where this is headed, please keep it under your hat until I can spool it all out. But DO please PM me if you wanna flail or bounce off more ideas. I mean, I can’t stop you if you wanna jump from here and lay everything out before I can get there, but pretty please lemme finish.)