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I think I just want to work as a ranger. Anyway I want a better ending for Firewatch, so for a sequel I want Henry to find Delilah. Canada has some very beautiful nature reserve, just saying. But if they decide to start of new, with new characters and in the future. I want Delilah and Henry easter eggs everywhere. Like recordings of there banter (maybe new ones). Delilahs drawings of Henry, and maybe letters that she wrote but never gave to Henry, or journals of there conversations.

Being a ranger sounds pretty awesome, i wonder what that would be like. Yeah, I feel the ending was a bit lackluster, such build up and then..that. I agree, i’d like to have Henry and Delilah meet face to face, that would awesome, or have them over radios again in some way, with new lines and such. But yeah, if they decided to start with a new generation then I agree, have signs that Henry and Delilah were there and they talked and what not, that’d be so awesome. I also kinda wanna know if Henry went to his wife or nah.

fort king at ‘this ain’t a scene’ at 1650 gallery on may 12, 2012.

he’s playing easter everywhere’s night this coming saturday (may 19) at pehrspace.  i highly recommended that you go…  get all the details here.

he sent me a song yesterday that is amazing and isn’t on facebook.  i’m trying to convince him to play it on saturday.