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Anne Marie Bardwell

Supervising Animator: Angel - Rock and Rule

Animator, and Ch. Designer: Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Animator, and Ch. Designer for Audrey - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

I wish there was more information and examples of work for this awesome animator, and other women in the industry like her. The character designs seem all reminiscent of each other, which is great to see that personal style makes it into finished designs. I think it’s so cool to see that her concept art for Esmeralda is so similar to how Audrey officially turned out.

She began with a few projects before working as animation supervisor for Angel on Rock and Rule. Her first work at the Nelvana studio was the TV special Easter Fever in 1980 and she worked at the studio until 1986 with the end of The Care Bears 2: A New Generation. Her next big animation stretch was with Don Bluth studios beginning with An American Tail in 1986 until Rock-A-Doodle in 1991. After Rock-A-Doodle she worked on Ferngully, Cool World and Pagemaster before joining Disney for the 1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis: The Lost Empire in 2001 where she was an animator, visual developer, and character designer for Esmeralda and Audrey.

(An Audrey Pencil Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tke_bEovtA )

PHOTOS (read top to bottom):

Angel: Key Pose by Bardwell, Key Pose by Bardwell, Movie Still, Movie Still

Esmeralda: Movie Still, Movie Still, Concept art by Bardwell, Pose sheet

Audrey: Pose sheet, Model sheet, Movie Still, Movie Still

  • Lizzie: Ciel hid the eggs, and I have to say he did an exceptional job this year.
  • Lizzie: I've been searching for 25 minutes, and I haven't found a single egg.
  • Ciel: (away) Ooh, yeah, I forgot to do that.
  • Lizzie: Maybe Ciel is trying to make this year a challenge.

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It's been five years. There's still no Osana, but a special easter egg where you can unlock a doge meme reference. everyone is still praising Alex, who does approximately one line of coding a day. We Suffer.

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Charting the rough waters of Easter

Well, it appears Easter Sunday came and went without any schisms or epic arguments between branches of the church. However, in c. 1150 northern England, when this manuscript was written, Easter without a great deal of disagreement would’ve been a relatively new concept!

You may recognize the bearded fellow above from my previous post on book holes. He is, in fact, the Venerable Bede, ‘the father of English history’ and all-around Renaissance man before there was even a Renaissance. It is he that we have to thank for not only the BC/AD dating system and the first scholarly books in English, but for the recording of the standardization of the methods used to calculate the yearly date of Easter. Before standardization, people were excomunicated or worse for celebrating Easter on an “incorrect” day. The Synod of Whitby in 664 set the Easter rules in stone, and Bede’s record of the event is the most detailed that remains in existence.

These charts come from a manuscript volume of works that include Bede’s Treatise on the Reckoning of Time, as well as writing by Dionysius Exiguus, whose research and figures laid the groundwork for Bede’s own calculations. I don’t pretend to know what exactly the figures mean, but I marvel at the amount of mathematical work that went into them. The 5th graph looks positively modern!

(bunny from Edinburgh MS 2, other images from Glasgow MS Hunter 85)