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“That was kind of a nice little Easter egg for me and Carol.”

“Even the walker that I shot trying to get the crossbow out of that bag has a Cherokee Rose sticking on its back; it’s a little Easter egg. Every single little thing comes back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott knew that walker was going to have a Cherokee Rose way back when. He’s kind of a mad genius like that.”

“Every little thing in this show plays later. There’s never wasted screen time on this show.”

- Norman Reedus on the Cherokee Rose walker (x/x)

Merry Christmas! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


John Wick: Chapter 2 | Keanu Reeves Reveals Hidden Easter Eggs & Deleted Scenes

One Wild Ride

It only took, like, a month. Whoops. Still not 100% satisfied with this chapter but there is a little easter egg in it that I am satisfied with so try to find that (cookies if you do) <3

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#BringUsHOME was trending on Twitter after the last issue was published, giving me flashbacks to four years ago, a veritable feat considering I tried to block out most of experiences from back then.

Even more impressive was the interaction between The Marauders and Evans that spawned on Twitter as a result of the fanfare. While they have been known to tweet each other in the past, this was perhaps the longest conversation in any sort of public forum between them. It all started when Evans merely quipped ‘Wow, that #BringUsHOME hashtag is really stirring up some memories!’ and then things just snowballed out of control from there when Potter replied with a cryptic, ‘Oh God. No,’ and about a dozen different emojis.

Yes, this included the double heart, and yes, I’m 83% sure that on certain corners of the internet, fan girls were ‘unable to even’ as a result of this.

(Screenshots of the conversation can be found on page 17.)

But now let’s get down to the real things. The real reason why #BringUsHOME is trending once more.

If one were to ask any hardcore Marauder fan (or any Marauder fan, let’s be honest) who Lily Evans was four years ago, they would either scream, get very angry, or a combination of them both.

Although Evans’ first album had already been released for quite some time- and included some fairly well known chart climbers- she still had a relatively small following, at least when compared to The Marauders.

Considering one was a boy band comprised of four good looking boys who sung pop/ rock and the other was a lone redhead living and breathing indie, I can sort of form some conclusions as to why.

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TMWTBW 11 & 12?

11: What do you like best about this fic?

The kiss. And the scene at Easter where John goes out jogging. 

12: What do you like least about this fic?

Probably the Christmas Case. It got a bit overwrought.