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Broadway’s Hamilton - Opening Number Homage to Sweeney Todd // Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Competition 

Dreamworks Board Meeting Pt. 2

“Okay, I noticed our films are getting repetitive lately, so I’ve got this brand new premise. Picture this:

A lovable roguish scoundrel

is uprooted from his everyday life

and meets a girl and her native people.

After admiring the life his female companion lives,

he has an epiphany

regarding the way he lives his life

and he decides to seek fulfillment,

changing his outlook on life for the better…”

“Brilliant! Where do get this stuff?”

Fixing Christmas.

Pairing: Dean/Sam/Bobby x reader (No one specific.)

Reader Gender: female

Warnings: Brief mention of death of parents.

Word count: 1296

Christmas. The best time of year in your opinion. As a child you and your family always had Christmas as a tradition to be celebrated. It was always bigger than birthdays, or Easter, or anything else that was celebrated in the family.

You could remember sitting by the fireplace with your family, after the long day of opening presents and the big Christmas dinner, not forgetting the Christmas movies.

So naturally you had been excited to start getting ready for the celebration. The bunker had been your home for almost two years now, the previous year you had been staying at Bobby’s due to a very important hunt that the boys had to go on, and they had all agreed that it was a little too dangerous for you. Obviously you had been upset, but you had gotten over it quickly when you got to spend Christmas with Bobby who had become like a father figure to you since your parents had been killed. Bobby had known how much you cared about Christmas when he had taken you in as a child, he had been the one to hunt down the demon that had killed both of your parents, and in the process he had taken you in as you had no other family. So obviously, Bobby had celebrated Christmas with you almost every year. Other than the year that you were away for a hunt. But that year you had still celebrated it alone. You definitely weren’t going to let your Christmas be ruined by a hunt.

This year you were blessed with the fact that neither you, nor the boys had found any hunts that would take up the time. It was going to be a nice quiet Christmas which you could spend with the boys. Bobby had already spoken to you on the phone and you had both agreed that this year you would stay at the bunker with the boys to celebrate instead of going down to Bobby’s.

“Hey, guys?” you called as you walked into the kitchen, it was around lunch time and you could already smell the bacon that was cooking on the stove. Turning the corner you saw both boys in the kitchen, Sam standing by the stove and Dean sitting at the table.

“Yeah?” they both chorused, looking up from their spots.

“Err… where do you keep your decorations?” Sam put down the spatula that he was using to prod the bacon, and turned so he was fully facing you. Both boys had the same confused expression on their face.

“Decorations? For what?” Dean finally asked. You resisted the urge to laugh. Surely they knew what time of year it was.

“You know. For Christmas?” both boys nodded in realisation, then Sam shook his head.

“We don’t have any.” it was your turn to look confused.

“What do you mean? Why not?” Sam took the pan off of the stove and turned the stove off, noticing how serious you seemed to be about the situation.

“We don’t really celebrate Christmas. It’s just another day, right?” seeing how casual Dean was about the whole situation, you didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing, and so you nodded, even though you could feel the lump growing in your throat.

“Y/N? You okay?” you only nodded, not trusting your voice knowing fully well that it would probably crack. You turned abruptly on your heels and made your way through the bunker, moving quickly back to your room.

You knew you were probably overreacting, but the first thing that came to mind was to pack a few things and head to Bobby’s knowing that he wouldn’t mind you spending Christmas there. Your eyes were glazed over as you began stuffing your clothes into a rucksack. You made sure to pick up the things that you would need, including the Christmas dress you had chosen, which was another of the many traditions you held. Every year you would go out and buy one dress to wear purely for Christmas day. Picking up your phone, you quickly dialled Bobby’s number, as you packed the last few things, before pulling a coat over your shoulders and slinging your bag onto your back.

“Hello?” Bobby answered almost immediately.

“Hey, Bobby. Erm… I was wondering if I could come and stay at yours for a while.” your voice was weak, and Bobby could already tell that something was up, but decided against questioning you about it straight away.

“I thought you were staying at the bunker for Christmas?” taking a deep breath, you fought against the urge to cry.

“Yeah… there were some change of plans.” Bobby was happy to have you stay with him, and although he wouldn’t ask about your reasons behind your sudden change of plans, he knew he would ask you about it when you got there, allowing the drive to give you time to clear your head.

You stuffed the phone into the back pocket of your jeans and made your way through the halls of the bunker.

“Y/N? Where are you going?” you froze your footsteps, not wanting to have to explain to the boys why you were leaving.

“Oh, erm… Bobby called, said he needed to see me about something.” Dean who had just poked his head out of the kitchen door, furrowed his eyebrows at you.

“Well, I could give you a lift in baby, instead of you driving all that way on your own-” shaking your head, you cut him off.

“It’s okay, I can go on my own.” before they could answer, you had rapidly increased your footsteps making your way to your car.

You hardly ever used your car, due to the three of you usually using Dean’s car to go on hunts, but you still used it when you could.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“Hey, Bobby.” you forced a smile when he opened the door, and he could see straight through your façade.

“What did the idjits do this time?”

Bobby handed you a beer as you sat down, before sitting opposite. Even though you weren’t staying at Bobby’s any more, you had gotten him into the routine of decorating for Christmas, and so his home was already decorated upon your arrival, which eased your sadness slightly.

“I mean, I get that they don’t usually have time for Christmas, but you’d think that they’d at least care about the holiday. It’s not just another day. Like Dean said.” you paused, looking up at him. “Did I overreact?” Bobby shook his head.

“No you didn’t. They’ve known you for nearly two years, they obviously don’t know you that well if they didn’t notice your love for the holiday.” Bobby was cut off by the front door knocking. You already knew who it was, and by the look on Bobby’s face he did as well. He stood and walked out to the front door, leaving you sitting alone.

“Y/n?” Sam was stood in the doorway, Dean peaking out from behind him. You turned to face them, quickly wiping away the residue left on your cheeks from the tears. Both of the boys looked at you and their eyes softened. “We didn’t realise that Christmas meant so much to you. We’re really sorry, if you want, we can go out and buy some stuff now.” Dean nodded in agreement.

“Or… we could forget this whole issue and you three can stay here for Christmas?” Bobby suggested. You looked to the boys, a small smile on your lips. It would be like a family Christmas, just like everything you wanted.

“Sounds okay to me.” Dean smiled, seeing how your face lit up slightly at the suggestion.

“Brilliant. So, Christmas movies?” you nodded excitedly, and Bobby grinned. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.


My husband and I went to the animal shelter today to look at the cat I liked, the one I told y’all about. She’s already gone, but there was a Siamese in the cage next to hers, and he blinked crystal blue eyes at me and yawned and I was gone.

I opened his door and reached in and he leaned into my hands and rolled over so I could pet him more, and then when he’d had enough he bit me and I fell in love. This was my cat. 

The volunteers couldn’t get over how he reacted to me—apparently he was quite feisty with everyone else who tried to pet him, but I picked him up and he was cuddling with me and purring. 

So, uh… now I have a cat? His name is Oliver, and he is very much mine and I love him already.

He looks all derpy because he was listening to the noises the kids were making in the living room and he was Dubious about them.

After about an hour of exploring my bedroom, he curled up in my lap and purred happily (and attacked me every time I tried to move or type it’s cuddle time not move time).

| B E C O M E  •   L E G E N D |

| D E S T I N Y •   A W A I T S |

Anyone else sometimes feel like Crocus flower petals remind them of painted/coloured/dyed eggshells? They do for me at least. Kind of makes them blooming today somehow all the more appropriate.

Photographed March 27th 2016