easter holiday


Easter hog!  For all your Easter needs.

Female Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus) - anaconda morph.
(Eggs are chicken eggs and japanese quail eggs, one of the eggs is from an Easter Egger.)

13.4.17// Easter holidays. I´m back home and I´ve been very busy, enjoying my time with friends and family. I also attended a seminar with my prof. on a contemporary german author, Ulf Stolterfoth. We are meeting and interviewing him in May and I´m annotating his poetry and thinking of some smart questions for the interview. In the meantime, I´m also collecting more material on Elena Ferrante and écriture féminine for my next paper and I’m going to read Virginia Wolf’s “a Room of one own”. 

Alfred: Easter egg hunt!! Woo!!

*Alfred and Matthew both run around looking for Easter Eggs. They find nothing,*

Matthew:… you guys did actually get Easter Eggs right?

Arthur *Sipping Tea*: Of course. 

Alfred: Where… are they?

Francis: We hid them. That is the point.

Matthew:… but… 

Arthur: Good luck.