easter hell


finally finished this monster of a painting WHEW
done in about 7 hours! started as stress relief and then painted during breaks of working on jaj!

🐰 HOP HOP HOP 🐰 onto that ⤴️ RISEN ✝ JESUS ✝ COCK! 🍆💦 On this day, our lord 🙏 & savior 🙏 ROSE 👆👆 THAT DICK 🍆 up ⬆️ to save 🙌 us all & open the LEGS of 🙏⛅️ HEAVEN'S PUSSY 💦🐱💦 Jesus has CUM 💦 again & now the 🐇🐰 EASTER BUNNY 🐰🐇is 💦 CUMMIN 💦 to nibble 👅 on that 🍆 CARROT COCK 🍆 Send ➡️ this to 1️⃣0️⃣ of your HORNIEST 💦🔥 HOLY HOES 🙏✝ this resERECTION day 🍆💦 or you wont get that EASTER 🍬 CANDY 🍬 COCK in your basket 😭🍆 Get 3️⃣ back & you'll be BLESSED 🙏 with the HOLY 💦 CUM 💦 of CHRIST ✝ Get 5️⃣ back & you'll get NAILED 🔨😘 on a CROSS tonight ✝💦 Get 1️⃣0️⃣ back & you'll get CARROTS 🐰 up your ASS 🍑🍑 for the next 4️⃣0️⃣ DAYS ✝🙏💦

Vilde: I’ve chatted with Elias now

Eva: new chat? Where is Noora

Vilde: they want to take us to a party!

Eva: ah, now I get it. Hehehehe

Vilde: yes Eva…

Eva: BAM

Chris: now we’re starting to talk Easter

Eva: talkeaster?

Chris: *talk easter*

Sana: *gif saying ‘hell no’*

Vilde: why not?

Eva: I wanna party with them 😩

Sana: not going to any party with my brother

Vilde: it’s for Noora

Sana: they’re not her type

Vilde: but what about some innocent partying? 😇

Sana: no Vilde

Chris: *gif saying please please please please

Me during my first Easter in Canada

Friend: Let’s make Easter eggs! :D

Me: Aw hell yisss! I’ve only made them once but it’s so much f-

Friend: *plunks down tray of boiled eggs*

Me: …The fuck is this.

Boiled eggs. 

North American Easter eggs are boiled eggs dipped in food colouring

It was very anti-climactic. 

red-sniper-mrmundy  asked:

Ey Mate, I must say, I love ya work and your are one of the few people that bloody remember that Sniper has a scar from the BLU Spy. Keep up the good work Mate. ~Mick Mundy, Owl with a Sniping problem.

Hey there! Many thanks for your nice words, I really appreciate them :))

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um tell me more about jared getting cast in porn pls ;D

Oh, I have many thoughts about pornstar!jared and his audition, my friend

First, it is all Chad’s idea. Auditions are slow and they need money for rent and food, so Chad shows him an ad on his favorite porn site looking for new talent. He assures Jared that it is MONEY IN THE BANK between his twinky good looks and the Padacock. “Dude, I know you’re packing an anaconda down there, don’t lie.”

Jared sets up an appointment to meet the producer-director, because why not? Sometimes Chad comes up with good ideas (they’re usually unintentionally good, like making s'mores lasagne at midnight). The guy pulls out a goddamn Polaroid camera (he says he likes the aesthetic of the pics and keeps a few for his personal collection). Jared is nervous, wiping his palms on his jeans. The guy asks him to pose by the window, “So, tell me about yourself.”

Now, this is something Jared does well. He begins to tell him about growing up in Texas (playing up his drawl a little bit), showing some dimples in between the serious sexy shots. He raises his arms up just enough so his stomach peeks out from where his faded polo shirt should meet his jeans, a flash of boxer brief where his jeans hang low.

“So, top or bottom?”

Jared blinks for a second and then smiles. “Uh, whatever you need?”

“Anything you won’t do?” Jared hesitates and the guy begins to list kinks, quick as a grocery list. “Restraints, blindfolds, dildos, cock rings, rough sex?” Jared begins to blush, not because he doesn’t like those things, he likes them all just fine, but because this guy is all business. Sure, he didn’t expect porn to be romantic (he’s not an idiot) but maybe at least sexy? 

“Uhm, maybe not–”

The office door swings open and the producer looks up as another man walks in the door. “Oh, good, Jared, I’d like to to meet your costar for the first scene. This is Jensen.”

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: what is the true plot of Five Nights at Freddy’s? What is the actual real timeline the games are trying to explain? Were there really five children who were brutally murdered in a family Pizzeria by the Purple Guy and possibly stuffed in the animatronics/suits thus possessing them for years and years? Or was there a child who was accidentally bitten by the animatronic Fredbear and the child lost his frontal lobe, forcing him into a never-ending coma (nightmare) dream where the poor child is always haunted by the characters he once loved? But why is the child so afraid of them now? Did he see something he shouldn’t have? Perhaps the murders of the five (four?) other children. Who really is the purple guy? Is he Ennard/Mr. Afton from Sister Location or someone else? What role does the Puppet play in this? Who is the Puppet? What happened to Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, are they the same as Golden Freddy and Springtrap? Who is Shadow Bonnie? Just an Easter egg? I don’t think so.