easter egg even though it's not easter

Der Ostereierbaum, a German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with Easter eggs. The tradition is centuries old - its exact origins have been lost but the egg is an ancient symbol of life worldwide. In Germany, eggs are hung on branches of outdoor trees and bushes or on cut branches inside. The custom is found mostly in Germany and Austria, even though other European countries and German-influenced places such as the Ukraine, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, and the Pennsylvania Dutch region of the United States have picked up the custom. Egg trees are also sometimes decorated on May Day, Whitsun, and the Summer Solstice. Other German Easter traditions include the dressing of public wells and fountains as Osterbrunnen (mostly Southern), Osterhasen and Ostereier (Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs, everywhere), and Osterfeuer (Easter bonfires, mostly Northern).