easter egg even though it's not easter

Der Ostereierbaum, a German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with Easter eggs. The tradition is centuries old - its exact origins have been lost but the egg is an ancient symbol of life worldwide. In Germany, eggs are hung on branches of outdoor trees and bushes or on cut branches inside. The custom is found mostly in Germany and Austria, even though other European countries and German-influenced places such as the Ukraine, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, and the Pennsylvania Dutch region of the United States have picked up the custom. Egg trees are also sometimes decorated on May Day, Whitsun, and the Summer Solstice. Other German Easter traditions include the dressing of public wells and fountains as Osterbrunnen (mostly Southern), Osterhasen and Ostereier (Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs, everywhere), and Osterfeuer (Easter bonfires, mostly Northern).


Delibird Crossbreeds 

- This popular and well doesn’t offer much fighting power, but its appearance and relaxed character make it a favourite in coolness contests.”

“Easter Egg”
- This breed of Delibird is even less dangerous than its purebred relatives. It hasnt got any battle viability and is mostly held by ladies who want to spice up their easter decoration. A good amount of them have gotten to high ranks in cuteness contests though.

- Despite its cute big eyes, this breed is notorious. It cant be trusted. Lore says that Krampus Delibirds have tried to abduct naughty children on christmas eve.
It is often used in cleverness contests.

- The elegance and charisma of this breed make it popular in beauty contests. They can fly the fastest of all Delibirds. A disadvantage of raising them is their long hatching period and their slow experience growth.

- This tough looking breed isnt very smart but makes up for that with raised physical power. They have a hard time flying, but are reliable hiking partners.
In contests, they love to show of their strength.