easter egg


Still as prissy and prim as what, Marceline?

And yes I am suggesting that the amp Marceline angstily uses after she talks to Bonnie in “Go With Me” (the same episode where she spends the whole night sabotaging Finn’s attempts to ask PB out to the movies) is a gift from Bonnibel. 

And that Bonnie purposely wrote Marceline’s name as prissily and primly as possible on the amp because she knows that Marceline secretly thinks her handwriting is pretty.


I’m sure someone’s probably pointed this out but I’m re-watching the series and am losing my mind here because of what I’ve just noticed.
They changed the title of the song in the last episode credits, I’m crying.

Holy shit, I was watching Force Awakens recently and I noticed that the pilot helmet Rey wears at the beginning says “Rey” in Star Wars text on the side! (Technically it would be spelled out “Raeh”.) As far as I’m concerned, this is probably a hint that Rey isn’t her birth name and that it’s a name she adopted during her times in isolation on Jakku. I’m still holding out hope that she’s a Kenobi, in any instance.