easter coasters

Jack’s reply on @jacksepticeyeandegos‘s post (Anti won’t be back for a while, and he isn’t setting anything up- which is why he’s being more vocal about it) is honest and open.

I know some will still question it, and by all means CONTINUE the theories and ideas of recent times (I’m not saying stop all together), but just know that we won’t be seeing Anti himself soon.

This storm is over. 


i identify with russell here because that’s basically how i handle getting that type of information, too.

terraflame25  asked:

Exploding chickens or rampaging cows?

Goddamnit Terra XD

Exploding Chickens. It reminds me of that little easter egg in Roller Coaster Tycoon where you could click the ducks and they’re explode into a puff of feathers. The outcome’s quite similar.

And honestly, rampaging cows sounds absolutely terrifying. I know the power behind cows and a rampaging herd of them could do some serious damage.

Exploding chickens, however, might get a little blood/bones everywhere, but it’s mostly feathers. That and it evokes a much funnier picture in my head :D

Thanks for the ask.