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I drew an Easter themed Chemical World Damon for you, I hope you like it!! Hope you have a good day! 😊🐰🐣💕


1. Josh (Chuckler) looks like a your neighborhood Boy Scout that knows everyone’s name.

2. Scott (Ack Ack) looks like Billy Ray Cyrus.

3. Peter (Shifty) has no hair, it dipped! (Also shoutout to real shifty ayeee)

4. I’m gonna assume that Colin (Jones) behind Ross looking like a giraffe.

5. Rick’s facial hair I’m choking

6. Neal (Compton) just has a fucking baby strapped to him.

7. Dike just chilling next to all of them

8. There are 3 pairs of sunglasses just chilling on shirts and I’m sure there are more just hiding like some easter eggs

  • kokoro: misaki hides the eggs, and i have to say she did an exceptional job this year.
  • kokoro: i've been searching for 25 minutes and i haven't found a single egg. and i'm almost an adult!
  • misaki: (away) oh. yeah, i forgot to do that.
  • kokoro: maybe misaki's trying to make this year a challenge.

A couple of Jojos (+ the manga man) with their hair down! It started off with just Rohan, since I hadn’t seen a lot of fan art where he wasn’t wearing the spiky easter egg band, but soon enough I had drawn both Jolyne and Josuke as well, so wHOOPS

i’m screaming I’ve drawn Josuke like 1999 times and I FINALLY found a consistent way to draw his face, god bless

Brandon Sanderson Easter Egg

In the third newspaper clipping in Bands of Mourning there’s a little ad that says “Write Scientific Fantasies! B. Sablerfils, playwright of A Hero for All Ages, shows you how! Inquire at the University of New Seran.”

In French, sable means sand and fils means son. Therefore, Sablerfils = sand-r-son. A Hero for All Ages is, of course a clever play on Mistborn 3.



💕✨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cntbke7o3E8 ✨💕

In this video we go to Tokyo DisneySea 東京ディズニーシー to have more Disney magic fun~!! we go exploring in a pirate ship, go to the top of a light house, visit Venice and march down main street USA as well as seeing some Easter themed marching bands and all the adorable characters!! We get to Ariel’s underwater castle and eat PINK BURGERS?! and scream at the top of our voices on the rides!! ^-^ Enjoy~~♪

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Easter Egg Hunt (Andy Biersack) (Black Veil Brides)


Requested via Wattpad

Word Count: 773


You didn’t know who was more excited about today, your five year old daughter or your husband. It was Easter and you’d decided to take your daughter to a fun Easter egg hunt and Andy decided to tag along when he heard about free chocolate.

You and Andy sat with the other parents watching your daughter run around the small wooded area with a cute little pink basket which still had no eggs in. Your daughter was smaller than the other kids and some of the eggs had been put quite high in your opinion.

“Stop scowling love or you’ll get wrinkles, what’s wrong?”

Andy stroked your hand across the table and you sighed.

“Some of the eggs have been put high and our little girl can’t reach them which is unfair.”

“Well then we’ll have to do something about that then y/n.”

You were confused as to what Andy meant but before you could question him your daughter came running up to you with an empty basket and a pout on her beautiful face.

“Mummy, daddy, I can’t get any eggs and the other kids laugh at me.”

She was the spitting image of Andy right down to his blue eyes, the only feature of yours she had was your long h/c hair that nearly reached her waist. Andy picked her up and put her on his lap.

“Would you like daddy to help you princess?”

She nodded eagerly.

“Yes please daddy. Mummy can he help me?”

You couldn’t say no to two sets of bright blue eyes staring at you with puppy dog expressions.

“Yes he can angel, just make sure you get the most eggs then.”


I high-fived my daughter after y/n gave us the all clear. I helped her off the chair and took her small hand in mine, when y/n first announced she was pregnant five years ago I was scared but then my little princess was born and ever since then she was my world and I’d do anything to make her happy.

y/n was right about some eggs being too high so I hoisted my daughter up and allowed her to pick them while the other kids weren’t around.

“Thank you for helping me daddy, I wanted at least one egg and now I have more than one.”

Just seeing her little face light up as she admired the eggs in her basket made my heart melt. I crouched down so that I was in front of her and kissed her forehead, I still had a good eight years before she hit those moody teenage years and I stopped being her knight in shining armour.

“We make a good team princess, now how about we cash these eggs in and get some chocolate?”

“Yay chocolate!”

Yeah, she was definitely her mother’s daughter with her sweet tooth. I led her towards the table where you handed in the eggs and got chocolate in return for each egg in your basket. The middle aged woman smiled warmly at us as I lifted my daughter so she could hand her basket over.

“She’s precious; you have a beautiful daughter sir.”

“Thank you, she’s my little princess.”

The woman handed us ten Easter eggs because we had ten eggs in the basket, y/n was going to be proud of us. As we made our way back over to y/n I noticed she wasn’t alone, Ashley was here with his son as was Jake and the three of them were laughing their heads off.

“Uncle Ash and Jake, look at all the eggs daddy helped me get.”

I sat down next to y/n and put our winnings on the table before leaning over and kissing her while our daughter pestered her uncle’s.

“I see you got lots of eggs Andy, you’re the best dad for helping her.”

“And you’re the best mum for not snitching me out to the people in charge.”

y/n laughed and swatted me away. Our daughter was currently sat on Ashley’s lap wearing his cowboy hat which was way too big for her.

“Ashley you’re not turning my princess into a cowgirl.”

Ashley put his hands up in surrender.

“You can’t hurt a guy for trying; now how about you share all this chocolate?”

Before I could protest our daughter shut me down with a single look and handed her Uncle Ashley one of the Easter eggs. Jake burst into laughter as did y/n.

“Wow Andy she’s definitely got her mums knack for shutting you down.”

I shook my head and held y/n closer to me; this was the perfect way to spend our Easter.