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I’ve seen a lot of curious people wanting to dive into classical music but don’t know where to start, so I have written out a list of pieces to listen to depending on mood. I’ve only put out a few, but please add more if you want to. hope this helps y’all out. :)

stereotypical delightful classical music:

if you need to chill:

if you need to sleep:

if you need to wake up:

if you are feeling very proud:

if you feel really excited:

if you are angry and you want to take a baseball bat and start hitting a bush:

if you want to cry for a really long time:

if you want to feel like you’re on an adventure:

if you want chills:

if you want to study:

if you really want to dance:

if you want to start bouncing in your chair:

if you’re about to pass out and you need energy:

if you want to hear suspense within music:

if you want a jazzy/classical feel:

if you want to feel emotional with no explanation:

if you want to sit back and have a nice cup of tea:

pieces that don’t really have a valid explanation:

pieces that just sound really cool:

if you feel like listening to concertos all day (I do not recommend doing that):

and if you really just hate classical music in general:

a lot of these pieces apply in multiple categories, but I sorted them by which I think they match the most. have fun exploring classical music!

also, thank you to viola-ology, iwillsavemyworld, shayshay526, eternal-cadenza, tropicalmunchakoopas, shadowraven45662, and thelonecomposer for adding on! if you would like to add on your own suggestions, please reblog and add on or message me so I can give you credit for the suggestion!


happy easter
fuckstudy’s 30/100 days of productivity

Whether you celebrate easter as a religious holiday or use it to catch up on your backlog of assignments (as I am), I hope you enjoy your easter weekend. May it be filled with copious amounts of chocolate! 

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I don't know if it's your jam but I'd love to read some Ostara/Media fanfic, those two are way too beautiful °O°

Ooh yeah I totally got shipping vibes from when Media first appeared talking about them having a date… okay yeah I think most people did…*awkward cough* Here, have this…

Ostara woke up and immediately regretted it. 

She wanted to sink back into those dreams, the dreams where it was Her who was worshipped, when the name Easter, Ostara and Ēostre on everyone’s lips as a prayer. When they loved her for the life she brought, feared that she would take it away. Worshipped her with eggs and gifts. When the blooming of flowers was synonymous with her name. 


Now she was a bunny. She supposed she should be grateful that she hadn’t actually turned into a rabbit yet; with the amount of them she’d eaten… it wouldn’t be the nicest thing in the world. 

No, the nicest thing in the world was the only thing she really had left. Her memories. The memories when her hair flung free around her neck, petals adorning her skin as if they were a part of her. They used to be.  

She could go back to sleep. Nothing was stopping her. Nothing was, really, stopping her from any of this. She could ravage the world if she chose. But… but she was happy with this. Of course she was. She was worshiped the world over, her name on many more lips than it had been at the height of her power. And if it just happened to be linked with another younger demi-god? 

She was fine with this.  

The house would be empty, she knew. It wasn’t Easter yet, wasn’t even close. Her day was far away and who cared about Ostara in August? Well. Sometimes one Jesus or the other came by, to check on her. Good Samaritan and all that. But besides from that- 

“Oh shit,” she cursed, and shot out of bed. 

Five minutes later and she was the epitome of beauty. Her blonde hair done up intricately under her Easter Bonnet - named for her, she reminded herself. Her bare shoulders, smooth and gorgeous, framed by a sleevless dress covered in flowers. The flowers people used to pray in gratitude to her for. 

It was her minor, minor rebellion. 

A rabbit appeared by her ear, whispering that her guest had arrived. 

Ostara swept towards the door, dress trailing around her like the flowers that used to- Now stop that, she told herself firmly, just before her eyes met Media’s. 

Media was dressed as - wearing the form of - a character Easter couldn’t name. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Media chided her for her attachment to the past, but Media’s life seemed to revolve around remembering characters somehow even shorter lived than the humans who created them. 

“Media,” Ostara said in her most pleasing voice. “How good to see you.” She was fawning and hated that she was. 

Media pulled out one of her (probably famous) pouts. “You didn’t forget our date, did you?” she asked in her breathy voice, reaching out her hands to clasp hers. “I missed you ever so much, and have been ever so looking forward to this.” 

Easter smiled back as genuinely as she could as Media slipped her arm into hers and lead her to wander around the garden, Media rambling aimlessly about how nice it would be with this new movie coming out, because it had an Easter Bunny in it, and how everyone’s going to be so excited to talk about her again. 

Ostara’s eyes caught Media’s bodyguard a few meters away and she looked away. Media caught the glance and pulled up short. She stood in front of Easter with an upset look in her eyes. “Now, you mustn’t judge me for bringing a friend on our date,” she told her dramatically. 

“I wasn’t,” Easter replied quickly. 

Media’s eyes narrowed, just slightly, and she stepped closer, far more into her personal space than even she usually dared to go. “If you want it to leave,” her hand touched Easter’s waist experimentally, just a brush, but it had Easter holding her breath. “I can make that happen.” 

Ostara blinked at Media, for once, unsure of what to say. She had been making speeches for thousands of years, but Media, this new, younger God, she had all the speeches. She knew every trick because she played every trick. 

Was this a trick? 

Or was Easter just lonely enough to see things that weren’t there? 

“Well,” she tried in her most determined voice, “He is ruining the view.” 

Media smiled down at her. “It is a good view.” Her persona had dropped, gone was the breathy words of a woman from the past. Here was Media, holding her gaze without even the slightest hint of self-conciousness, as she waved her hand to the bodyguard behind her and the creature disappeared from their sight. 

New life, Ostara thought to herself. There had been gods, ones that were gone now, that used to claim that she was… passionate. That she could fall so quickly for someone that… 

Was this Media’s angle? Had she heard the rumours, scrounged it up from some show or other, and decided love was a better motivator than a favour? 

Suddenly she was tired. She was tired of these politics, tired of the game that gods played nowadays. At least back in her heyday, when gods played mortals as their tools, everyone still just worshipped her. The Spring was vital to life. She was vital to life. 

And here she was wondering if one brief moment of intimacy was a sign or a manipulation. 

She was the goddess of the Spring and she wasn’t going to let herself be treated as a plaything. 

“Thank you,” she said, and then took a step forward in their already very cramped personal space and pressed her lips briefly, but passionately against Media’s. Media’s lips tasted of the lip balm that was flawlessly covering her lips, with just the slightest tinge of metal hidden within. Easter took that second to taste all of it. Then she turned away and started walking again. “I’m thinking of starting a herb garden,” she said carelessly to the woman behind her as she walked away. 

Media hadn’t moved, her eyes still widened slightly in shock. She touched her lips briefly, sure a blush was spreading over her face. A kiss. A kiss was more than she’d ever dared to hope…even the touch of her waist had seemed a step too far… And maybe it was just a product of all those lonely, desperate humans who filled the world with their tales of love and romance, but Media wanted something like that. She wanted Ostara. She wanted another kiss. She wanted more than a kiss. 

She wanted Ostara to love her back. 

There you go, have a first kiss fic. Hope this is okay, I sort of had no real plan for this ficlet… 

~Send me American Gods prompts, headcanons, or even just a ship name and I’ll write you a little something~

New dad Liam Payne speaks about fatherhood for the first time
Liam Payne, 23, couldn't resist gushing about his newborn with Cheryl, 33,, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fans went wild after Cheryl’s hairstylist Dayaruci shared a snap of a baby clutching his hand - fuelling speculation as to whether it was her child. 

And elsewhere, Liam Payne, 23, couldn’t resist gushing about his newborn, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday. ‘He’s great, he’s good. I love him and I miss him a lot,’ the One Direction star, who is currently working on new music on the west coast, reportedly told a fan. 

Liam’s gushing comments over his new bundle of joy was made during his outing to Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood. The British hunk looked incredible as he displayed his extravagant body art in a silk bomber jacket and skinny jeans.

After months of swirling pregnancy rumours, Liam and Cheryl confirmed the birth of their son on Saturday 25 March with a sweet Instagram of him cradling the tot. 

And now fans are eager to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, which caused them to melt down as they took to social media to question the identity of the infant uploaded onto Instagram by hair stylist, Dayaruci.

Cheryl’s mane expert wrote 'Sweetest’ across the snap of the child in a baby carrier, adding some Easter themed emojis. 

The image has since been reposted by several fan accounts, with followers commenting in their droves about whether the picture could be of Cheryl’s child.

Fans shared, 'Is this baby Liam and Cheryl’s son?’, and 'So, it is real?’ and 'OMG! I’m so looking forward to seeing your face.' 

The star opted for an unusual jumper for his latest social media post, which appeared to be printed with the images of cartoon pirates and monsters all over. Sweeping his hair to one side, the new dad then appeared to grab onto his the middle of his trousers as he smouldered for the camera. 

Clearly feeling fierce as he posed in his bathroom, he captioned the shot for fans with the alluring words: 'Gucci on my…’

One fan posted: 'That’s not their baby. It can’t be. It looks too big to be their baby who was just born.' 

A representative for Cheryl has confirmed the child is not theirs. 

 Meanwhile, Liam has been sharing a number of edgy selfies to his Instagram page over the last week. The One Direction star, 23, clad himself in a baggy sports hoodie for a brooding snap on Saturday - which saw him pose in the mirror with his hand clutching his crotch.

Perhaps experimenting with a new look now he has become a changed man as a father, Liam has shared a number of grungy selfies for fans this week.

 In another snap posted on Friday, the star powerfully stared down the camera from the comfort of his car, with his hair coiffed high above his head. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Wolverhampton native appeared to channel his inner Ali G as he posed in a varsity jacket, beanie and his beloved gold chain. Pulling the hat across his face, to flash a chunky watch to fans, the singer wrote playfully beside the image: 'Mask off ayy’

Liam has been displaying a grungier look as of late - just three weeks after the birth of his first child with girlfriend Cheryl, 33.

The Promise This singer had gushed beside the image: 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.’

Liam then took to his own Instagram to share the same snap, writing a touching tribute to Cheryl beside the same candid image. 'My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed.’

Liam and Cheryl first met on the X Factor in 2008 when he was auditioning at the tender age of 14 while she was a judge - before embarking on a romance at the start of last year.

INTRODUCING: The URL Writing Challenge!

What is a URL Writing Challenge?

A writing challenge is usually based on prompts listed or given by the challenge’s host. This particular challenge is based on your URL. 

Why a URL Writing Challenge? 

I’ve participated in a lot of challenges but never seen a URL challenge. Thought it would be cool writing something inspired off your own URL. 

Our URL’s is something that represent us. 

Why don’t get creative with something like that?


Are you ready for it? Okay. Here it goes… *drum rolls*

BUNNIES. Not actual bunnies but Easter. The theme will be Easter!

Your URL is the main focus of the fic but I like holiday’s and why not adding Easter to the mix? 

  • You can add everything that goes with Easter like: 
    • Easter Egg’s Hunt.
    • Painting Easter Egg’s.
    • Bunnies.
    • Pastel Colors. 
    • Bunny Ears. 
    • Everything that goes with Easter Theme.
  • You can also use Spring as a theme. 
    • Anything that goes with Spring.


  • The sign ups starts now and end’s next Wednesday, March 15th.
  • The Challenge is due on Easter, which is April 16th. 
    • That’s more than a month to write.
    • Life happens and you can’t get the fic by that day? Is cool
      • Just post it and message me the link when you can. 


  • It’s not a must but would be cool if you follow me.
  • I’m not picky so literally everyone can join. 
  • You want to be part of the challenge? Send me an ask.
    • Won’t be accepting ‘comments, reblogs or tags’ as “sign ups”. 
  • I’m very pro ‘do your own thing’ so, it can be any genre you want it. 
    • You wanna make it so angsty my heart get’s crushed? Do it. 
    • You wanna make it so fluffly, I end up vomiting rainbows? Do it
    • You wanna make it so smutty, it get’s half Tumblr turned on? Do it.
    • It’s your craft, write whatever your heart desires.  
  • Word count? Again, I’m not picky. 
    • Drabble? Cool.
    • 1k Words? Cool.
    • Over 3k Words? Cool.
    • Like 5k Words? You’re the shit and totally cool.
  • Same goes with pairings. Like seriously, do whatever you want. lol
  • Please don’t forget to tag me : @sleepywinchester.
  • Also tag post with ‘#elsie url challenge’


If by any means, you don’t feel inspired by your URL or want something more to boost it up? Let me know and I will give you a prompt. Challenge is still based on your URL but with a prompt to back it up, I think it would help. 


  • Master-post with everyone’s work. 
    • It will be linked on my blog till the end of May. 
  • One group promo for everyone who participated.
  • I’m going to pick five favorite fics and making Fic’s Aesthetics.
    • This would be based on the fic written for this challenge.
  • My friendship 

I really hope some of you can join! This is something unique and think it would be very fun to do. Challenge have always been a great part to meet new writers or become more friends with already writers you know. I love challenge and bouncing up ideas with friends. xx


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