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can I request some short hc or fluff? Ardyn with rabbit ear and tail and tried to steal vegetables from kitchen but caught by reader XDDD This will be absolutely cute and funny XDD

Hahahahh, okay Anonnie, not completely sure where we’re going with this but

✓ “Ears, check. Tail, check,” Ardyn runs through his list, “All ready for mission. Target: acquire some leiden peppers, lucian tomatoes and caem carrots. Because where the hell do people get this stuff from? I have no idea. But I know this woman has them in her kitchen.”
✓ It’s early morning, before the usual wake-up time of the house owner. He’s been observing her for some time. He knows her patterns.
✓  Sneaking into the kitchen, he goes for the vegetable stash. But it’s a failed mission, there are no vegetables there this time! Only one onion rolling around in an empty basket.
✓  He hears footsteps coming down the stairs, but it’s too late. He panics. “Better play dead.”
✓ Coming down to make your morning coffee, you see a man in a long jacket with fluffy bunny-ears lying on the floor.
✓ “Are you allright?” you run to check for his vital signs. You notice he’s holding an onion in his hand.
✓ “So you’re the one who’s been sneaking in to steal all my veg?”
✓  “I’m sorry ma’am,” the man mopes with a guilty look. “I wanted to make a ragu.”
✓ “Then why didn’t you say so!” you poke him on the side. “How about I’ll invite you to dinner tonight? But on one condition. You’ll have to bring me some veg.“
✓ The man looks horrified. “Break into someone else’s house?”
✓  “There’s this wonderful thing called the market. Come, I’ll tell you all about it…”


Oh look! Have I done a face reveal on here yet??

Anyways, today wasn’t only the day I reached 2000 followers; I also had the opportunity to let my dog Gwen play in a movie! Gwen is my adopted senior dog who does tons of tricks, so we signed her up to play in an independent film near us. Well, she got cast to play the wolf, so we got up super early this morning to take her to the shoot.

Gwen did so well, and I think she’s a fabulous example of the potential behind rescued dogs. I’m so very proud of her, and I really appreciated the opportunity to help this team with their film.

Stay awesome, my dudes~ 😘


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet