Normalize the idea of celebrating holidays with friends.

Kill the idea that it’s somehow less real or valid or legitimate than celebrating with family.

Not everyone can travel to see their families and not everyone has good relationships with their families. Not everyone even *has* a family. Kill the idea that if that’s the case, you’re not allowed to have a fun and meaningful holiday.

Normalize the idea that friends are important enough to spend important days with.

Normalize the idea that friendship and non-familial community really, deeply matters.

Veir and I have been theorizing about how toby’s been leaving hints about Gaster’s powers and interaction with reality are getting stronger with each undertale update.

For example, first how his followers were added canonically and don’t need to be triggered anymore, then in the next update his name triggering the game’s reset NOT when hitting okay, but as soon as you finish writing his name, and so on. 

Can’t believe we were right. 

Gaster’s coming boys


(For what I understand you need to either be LV 6 at a neutral route and talk to this npc or complete a pacifist route and go talk to him)