Alles Gute and Cream Culture are on board! Check them out on Facebook!

So, we got a lot of attention on the first post. And I did notice a lot of people wanting to come out who live further away.

Well if this turnout is nice, we will make the meet go up and down the east coast. If you are in a state of particular interest and have a group, message me and we can set something up and we can both sponsor this. 

FAQ: How is parking going to work?

Last Cream Culture meet we had a solid hundred in the middle of nowhere. And the ice cream was amazing. 

As long as we’re respectful to the lot, we will be fine. There will probably be a cop there to watch, but they won’t bother us as long as we are respectful.

Bring your friends, bring your crews, bring your mom, I don’t care, it’ll be awesome to make a tumblr meet because we can. 

Dress up in Halloween outfits for instant pictures lol.

Spread the word! <3