Garissa Attack

This black out day whilst we’re all celebrating each other and our black excellence and black beauty. Please take a minute to remember and mourn the 147 people that were gunned down and murdered yesterday in an attack at a university in Garissa Kenya. Black lives matter our lives are valuable and important and even if other people refuse to recognise that then at least we should know that and understand that. Us black people we’re all one and if one of us is brutally murdered then we should all feel the pain.


QUINOA and  CHICKPEA BIRYANI…with bell-pepper and parsley ‘sunset’ salad.

My Indian friends might want to take me up on this, but I genuinely thought Biryani was Kenyan until high school.Which is understandable seeing as apart from Pilau, Biryani is the official East African wedding food. 

I replaced rice with red quinoa and garnished the meal with coconut shavings, salt + pepper cashews and a dill leaf. 

The salad is made of red, yellow and orange bell peppers, chopped up with  parsley leaves. Instead of lemon, I used the juice of  quarter a  grapefruit and a little Himalayan salt as salad dressing. The salad is wrapped in a spring cabbage leaf. It goes really well with the biryani, nice contrast of spicy/citrusy flavour.