The Edge of Yorkshire

A long exposure of Thornwick Bay, part of the Flamborough Head coast of East Riding of Yorkshire. Lisabet and I hiked up this precarious knobbly ridge that had been carved by centuries of the north sea battering away the cliffs. I managed to park my tripod on the edge to get this view of the chalky cliffs lining the distance towards Scarborough.

Thornwick Bay, Flamborough Head, Flamborough, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Single exposure of around 30secs achieved using a 10-stop full-ND filter, balanced using a hard 2-stop ND grad filter and a circular polariser.


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Still, it could be Scunthorpe.

Examples from East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Moira Bielby, Senior IT Liaison Officer, shares a little of what the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have implemented using AchieveForms.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council migrated to the Firmstep Platform in September 2010 and use both AchieveForms and the Process Module. We have a mature portfolio of forms that are used extensively across our service areas for both internal and external use.

Integration of forms and processes with back-office systems and our payment portal has allowed us to encourage customers to self-serve.  This has helped us realise both efficiency and activity cost savings, as well as improved compliance with policies and procedures. Some examples of forms with payment integration are:

  • Payment for a locally hosted European fishing competition
  • School bus season ticket application
  • Local land charge search
  • Applications for licences
  • Copy certificates for registration services

Examples of internal processes are:

  • Application for an identity badge
  • Rail and travel booking
  • Reporting of property repairs
  • E-annual leave booking

The E-annual leave booking process is an excellent example of integration using Active Directory, a web service and an API to our personnel system. The process allows staff to self-serve leave entitlement, and allows us to automatically processes 4000 transactions per month. 

Absolution by Marco Franchino
Via Flickr:
The Voyages Friendship Statue, commemorating the end of the Cod Wars between UK and Iceland, and the Deep, a public aquarium. Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire (England, UK).

The statue companion in Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland:



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