wrapping up neverland

to our wonderful followers and supporters:

it is hard for me to fully articulate what it has been like making ‘east of kensington’ and the extreme amount of gratitude i have towards the film’s crew and its supporters. since wrapping production of ‘eok’, i have had trouble sleeping…waking up in the night thinking i still have to be on set the next day and confused as to what we have left to shoot and what set piece we are in process of building. i know that sounds rather absurd considering the fact we wrapped and moved out of our sound stage at the beginning of the week, but the reality for me is that i am having a difficult time processing it all.

'east of kensington’ has been a filmmaking journey two years in the making for me. it is the culmination of my education as a student filmmaker at chapman university, and what feels like my last guaranteed directing opportunity. the concept of being wrapped has been both liberating and entirely overwhelming. i am constantly reflecting on the entire process asking myself if i pushed myself hard enough and if i made all the right choices. i am constantly having to remind myself that at the core of senior thesis is a learning opportunity. to say i learned a lot about myself and the filmmaking process during 'eok’ would be a understatement. i know it is the ultimate crime in neverland to grow up, but i the irony about making a movie as complex and grand in scale as 'eok’, is that i feel like i have.

growing up hasn’t been the easiest ride, nor has it been one i have looked forward to… but i would be a codfish captain if i ignored the fact that in a couple more months i will be a college graduate. i have no choice but to enter the world of adults and leave the safe haven school has provided for me. but if i learned anything from my experience on 'eok’ and from the character peter himself is that i want to enter the next chapter of my life flying with the wind on my back.

while i know it sounds like 'east of kensington’ is done and over with, i am having to remind myself that we are only 2/3 of the way there. there is a massive chapter to this film story that has yet to be explored- post production. this is a process that could push the movie as far as july until it will be complete… and while that might seem like a nauseating amount of time to tweak a movie that is currently in the can… i am thrilled that i have these months left to live in this world the movie has created for me.

'east of kensington’ has been a privilege on so many levels, but if i had to pick what has made it beyond anything i could have imagined is the people behind it. i have been blessed with a crew made up of the most talented and passionate individuals i have had the pleasure of knowing. i witnessed a handful of my closest friends and colleagues push themselves farther then they thought themselves going, all because of their passion for the project and where they believed it could go. as a result, i know we created something truly unique that rivals the quality of professionals… its more than i could have ever asked for. i have had the luxury of connecting with some of our amazing supporters both on tumblr and via e-mail. and i have made some new friendships with outstanding people that i look forward to keeping up with way beyond completion of this film. 

making 'east of kesington’ was and will continue to be an awfully great adventure. i cannot thank each and every one of you for following our journey thus far and i am ecstatic to show you what my team and i have created for you. there is something special that has always floated around this film… maybe the result of making a movie that involves pixie dust… but i know there is something special. i cannot yet pin point what that quality is and what it will produce, but i am so thrilled to see what will come of it.

thank you for believing.

kellen moore

director of 'east of kensington’