EAST NASHVILLE UNDERGROUND. If SXSW (minus the film, technology and multiple venues) and a basement show had a baby.   Okay folks! I’ve got some great news for music & chart lovers a like. We are teaming up with East Nashville Underground (www.eastnashvilleunderground.com) by introducing their winter line up using Venn Reviews! We will post 2 bands a week (on Mondays & Thursdays) for the next 3 weeks as a sort of count down to this season’s festival on Feb 15 & 16! To kick it off here is a Venn Review of the festival itself!   I’m not going to lie, coming up with a diagram for the festival as an entity was harder than I thought. Perhaps I thought about it too much. There was alot to take into consideration, East Nashville Underground has a lot of good things going for it. My instict was to mash up SXSW and a basement show. Even though, SXSW has turned into this monster that includes flim and technology now, it was the breeding ground for up-and-coming artists aspect that finally sold me. You definately get that house show feeling when you get there but quickly realize the room is filled with avid music and art lovers that have come to listen to some of the best music Nashville has to offer. Don’t be silly, if you have never attended an ENU show, this Feb. 15 & 16th is your chance. Stop back by on Monday to check out the first installment of the ENU Venn Reviews.   www.eastnashvilleunderground.com   Click on the diagram for a sample track by the artist festival.