East Nashville Underground Friday night, SaturDAY, & Saturday night show at the East Room.

Full of glitter, drinks, and a bit of on stage crashing sums up the last East Nashville Underground seasonal festival.

We have over 70 photos by Amber Davis. Click here for them. 


Friday Night

The Jag
Plastic Visions
Tipper Whore
Richie (Headliner)
Ranch Ghost (Headliner)

Saturday Night

El El
Bad Cop
Clear Plastic Masks (Headliner)
Wild Cub (Headliner)
DJ Jazzy Jazz

Saturday Day

Josh Farrow
The Oak Creek Band
The Allen Thompson Band
Natalie Prass (Headliner)
Ponychase (Headliner)
Buffalo Rodeo


Video - New Music City

Great little piece produced by All Saints about some of the music coming out of Nashville, including interviews with Kings of Leon and some of the bands on their label Serpents and Snakes, including: Clear Plastic Masks, Snowden, The Weeks, The Kingston Springs, The Features, Promised Land and Turbo Fruits

To see more video of these artists, from the creators of the New Music City video, click here

EAST NASHVILLE UNDERGROUND. If SXSW (minus the film, technology and multiple venues) and a basement show had a baby.   Okay folks! I’ve got some great news for music & chart lovers a like. We are teaming up with East Nashville Underground (www.eastnashvilleunderground.com) by introducing their winter line up using Venn Reviews! We will post 2 bands a week (on Mondays & Thursdays) for the next 3 weeks as a sort of count down to this season’s festival on Feb 15 & 16! To kick it off here is a Venn Review of the festival itself!   I’m not going to lie, coming up with a diagram for the festival as an entity was harder than I thought. Perhaps I thought about it too much. There was alot to take into consideration, East Nashville Underground has a lot of good things going for it. My instict was to mash up SXSW and a basement show. Even though, SXSW has turned into this monster that includes flim and technology now, it was the breeding ground for up-and-coming artists aspect that finally sold me. You definately get that house show feeling when you get there but quickly realize the room is filled with avid music and art lovers that have come to listen to some of the best music Nashville has to offer. Don’t be silly, if you have never attended an ENU show, this Feb. 15 & 16th is your chance. Stop back by on Monday to check out the first installment of the ENU Venn Reviews.   www.eastnashvilleunderground.com   Click on the diagram for a sample track by the artist festival.

Our pals at East Nashville Underground are shaking things up a bit in Nashville. 

They are inviting you to attend a show at The High Watt on September 10 featuring performances by Penicillin Baby, Machines Are People Too, and Ri¢hie! The catch? DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE.

If you can withstand not using your phone throughout each performance you will get a full refund of your $7! This show is for fun and to give those who care to play along the chance to create a memory by enjoying a great night of music without the distraction of technology.   

With 20-minute ‘phone breaks’ between bands, a photographer on-hand just for audience photo-ops (Jason Lee Denton), and all-around low-key vibes, the 'Let’s Have A Show Without Phones Show’ aims to provide Nashville’s supportive music community with something unique and experimental for nostalgic fun.

“A group of us decided to do this because it seems like people want the reminder, or they want to collectively check out what the difference is / was. We’re trying to create that environment for a night where you’re able to be fully present to the room and what’s going on in it. Nashville indie music fans and supporters are encouraged to bring friends (things like this are always fun with friends) and be reminded of the experience of investing in a band and their music without a screen involved,” founder of East Nashville Underground Jared Corder said. 

Special thanks to Blue Moon Brewing Company and Leinenkugel’s for supporting a fun, one-night concept that empowers show-goers, venues, and bands alike. 

Ages 18+

East Nashville Underground Winter Fest!

WOOHOO GET EXCITED ‘cuz we’re playing the East Nashville Underground Winter Fest!!! If you’ve never heard of it, then get yourself up to date because it’s gonna be one hell of a party. We’ll be playing during the day show on Feb. 16th. The full weekend wristband is $25 and it’s $10 just to come for the day show- buy your wristbands early because they just might sell out!


BREE - RAW Nashville Musician Of The Year

Bree will release their terminally addictive new single Damn Im Being Me Again on Werewolf Tunes on March 11th 2016. Ahead of that we have the stream of the power pop kick-in-the-face energy of album track ’18’ to share:

Bree - 18 https://soundcloud.com/autonomy-radio/bree-18

The East Nashville outfit – CBGBs era Debbie Harry fronting fronting one of the most powerful rock rhythm sections in music city – feature Bree on vocals and guitar, David J Castello on drums and Mark McNeely on upright bass and were selected as the RAW Nashville Musician Of The Year. Nashville itself may be “the home of country music” but on the east side of the Cumberland River it’s anything but: Bree is currently spearheading an indie rock n roll guitar movement in the exploding East Nashville underground music scene that’s spawned bands like The Blackfoot Gypsies, Kansas Bible Company and Alanna Royale and venues such as Basement East, The 5 Spot, fooBar and East Room.

At the tender age of seventeen, Bree was kicked out of her father’s religious cult in Oregon for “fornication”.  The cult in question, Church Of The First Born, may have originated in the 1700s but it’s still the same fundamentalist faith healing sect that believes we live to die so we can go to heaven” and it’s still also the sect that indirectly led to the death of Bree’s mother. Dana, who swallowed a needle  - when startled whilst sewing. Her husband’s cult decreed that neither Bree nor her fellow three siblings were allowed to call 911. Instead, they were all forbidden to pray, as their mother slowly deteriorated over a period of nine months until she died just before Bree’s seventh birthday.