Hannah Mary Rejoice Smith
Endangered Runaway


AGE:  16

SEX:  Female

RACE:  white
HAIR:  Brown
EYES:  Green
HEIGHT:  5’05” (165 cm)
WEIGHT:  115 lbs (52 kg)


** Hannah may be in need of medical attention.

Hannah suffers from a frontal lobe injury due to a traumatic head injury sustained two years ago.  This injury may impair Hannah’s ability to make safe and healthy decisions.

Hannah was last seen at home.  She recently discussed running away, mentioning New York City and New Jersey.

MISSING SINCE:  January 1, 2012

MISSING FROM:  East Greenbush, New York


East Greenbush Police Department 518-479-2525

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services 1-800-FIND-KID

This girl is from my hometown, I went to middle school with her brother. Please reblog and help her return safely back to her family!

#213: Eat at a Capital District Diner

#213: Eat at a Capital District Diner

When I first moved to this area, I was utterly enchanted with the diners in the area. They are trademarked by the following: huge menus with a ton of options, some boasting more than 300 options–and I believe it!; shiny chrome architectural features, with neon lights glimmering off the chrome; owners are all Greeks (I wonder why?); homemade desserts; yummy daily soups.  These places totally make me want to don a poodle skirt and ask for a milkshake! Here are some of my favorite local diners:

Capital City Diner
1709 Western Ave.
Albany, NY 12203

Gateway Diner
899 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Farmer Boy Diner
1975 Central Avenue
Colonie, NY 12205

Latham ‘76 Diner
722 New Loudon Road
Latham, NY 12110

Circle Diner
813 New Loudon Road
Latham, NY 12110

Halfmoon Diner
231 Grooms Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Alexis Diner
294 N. Greenbush Road
Troy, NY 12180

Howard Johnson’s <> East Greenbush, New York. 1959-07-27

[Founder] Howard Johnson retired in 1959, leaving the company to his son, Howard Brennan (“Bud”) Johnson. The older Johnson continued to monitor his restaurants for cleanliness and proper food preparation. He would be chauffeured in a black Cadillac bearing the license plate HJ-28 (his initials and 28 ice cream flavors) while performing unannounced inspections of the restaurants.

As of 2013, only two HoJo restaurants remain, one in Lake Placid, NY and Bangor, Maine.  

#127: Play Miniature Golf

#127: Play Miniature Golf

They are a lot of great places to play mini-putt-putt in the greater capital district area! The best places are up in Lake George, but you may need to compete with throngs of tourists with shitty kids if you head there during the peak of the summer. You may want to check E. Greenbush or Scotia if you want to avoid tourists. Here’s a list of some miniature golf places in the area:

  • Lumberjack Pass Miniature Golf, 1511 State Route 9, Lake George
  • Around the World Miniature Golf, 72 Beach Road, Lake George
  • Goony Golf, 2067 US 9, Lake George
  • Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, 2115 State Route 9, Lake George
  • The Fun Spot, 1035 US State Route 9, Queensbury, NY
  • Saratoga Mini Golf, 3071 NY Route 50, Saratoga Springs
  • Murphy’s Golf Range and Miniature Golf, 3376 S. Broadway, Saratoga Springs
  • Dan’s Miniature Golf, 14 Route Lake Road, Ballston Lake
  • Control Tower
  • Clifton Park Golf, 1759 Route 9, Clifton Park
  • 1050 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham, NY
  • Oasis Park Miniature Golf, 97 N. Greenbush Road, Troy, NY
  • Fulplex, 589 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush, NY
  • Glenville Sportsplex, 104 Freemans Bridge Road, Scotia, NY
  • All 4 Fun, 1050 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham, NY

REAL Story with a grim beginning but funny/important ending!

So today on the local news, human remains (some bones) were found in in a house undergoing renovation. The bones are believed to be 70ish years old and may be that of a woman from 1938. The only information the police and investigators had on the house and the previous occupants was from a 9th grader’s local history report on the area.

YUP a kid’s history report! So REMEMBER, your history report on your local town could solve a missing person/murder cold case!

THAT KID better have gotten an A+ 

link for the news article: http://www.news10.com/story/23593018/police-bones-found-in-east-greenbush-home


Small business owner Chuck Shank surveys the grounds at his recently expanded office in East Greenbush.  Hard work, great leadership and a true desire to help people leads to happy customers, a beautified neighborhood and more jobs!!!  One of those benefitting is Heather Melillo, a great professional and recent addition to the team (and thankfully not camera shy:)  Less willing to pose but the glue that holds it all together is Judy McCormack- great partners!!!


Green Meadow Elementary (East Greenbush, NY) has a teacher named John Flanagan and a psychologist called Bennett Kelvin. If you are a parent of a child who works with either these individuals, please, please read this. And if you’re not, please reblog, repost, etc. so hopefully someone who needs to see this can see it.

(Disclaimer: This is mostly from memory. I’ll go through and correct anything that’s wrong once I get the records in my hands.)

I started second grade in Mr. Flanagan’s class in September 2000.

The first day of second grade, I discovered that the desks could be drawn on with a pencil, and it could be erased to leave no trace. I thought that was fun! So I started doodling something. I think it was a map. I figured it was fine, I’d just erase it afterward. Nope. Teacher yelled at me, and when I apologized and said I would erase it, he laughed and said “we should erase YOU” and then got the whole class to agree “yeah, we should erase [her].”

Flanagan had this bullshit “merit” system where kid would get more points for things like answering useless football trivia, or reporting that their parents were going to vote for specific people. He put kids in charge of other kids for discipline.

One of his stupid “class leaders” was a kid named Andrew, who picked on me literally every day. (Nothing against Andrew now, of course, he’d be 21-22 now and probably isn’t still a little shit.) He would wait to get in line until he could get the spot after me, and then walk down the hall kicking me. I would even wait to get in line last and fucking Andrew would get after me so he could kick me. Flanagan never did anything about it. One day I got sick of it and I turned around and kicked him back, and my foot hit his thigh. He started crying and claimed I’d kicked him in the junk, which of course was interpreted by the psychologist as evidence of me having problems with my home life.

Flanagan was apparently in cahoots with the school psychologist, Mr. Kelvin, and I’m under the impression that they tried to get a child molestation charge against my father because I, being a 6-year-old girl, and having just recently learned that boys pee while standing up, drew a boy peeing while standing up on my notebook.

Kelvin also labelled me as having ADHD. After we moved, my parents had me tested for ADHD by different psychologists and social workers at my new school, and the answer from all of them was “no, clearly not.”

I hated being at school, and developed actual behavioral problems because of it. One example that comes to mind is sticking my fingers in my ears going “Lalala, I can’t hear you” when the gym teacher was mad at me. This shouldn’t be a fucking surprise since at that point in my life, “teacher being mad at me” == “teacher says things to make me feel like shit about myself and humiliate me in front of the class,” and blocking it out was the only way I knew how to deal with it. Anyway, the gym and art teachers noticed, and the psychologist took their notes as further evidence that I had something wrong with me.

I didn’t finish the year there. My parents moved and I got sent to another school, where most of my behavioral issues almost immediately disappeared. But I had minor issues with school, and major ones with my mental health, for years after that.

I have records of all of this. If any parents want to get in touch with me or my parents, you can contact me at ckjzam (at) gmail.com.

Churchill Downs Inc. buys stake in Saratoga Harness; deal could lead to shares in 3 to 5 more casinos

Churchill Downs Inc. buys stake in Saratoga Harness; deal could lead to shares in 3 to 5 more casinos

Churchill Downs Inc. buys stake in Saratoga Harness; deal could lead to shares in 3 to 5 more casinos

By Janet Patton

Churchill Downs Inc. and Saratoga Harness Racing Inc., already partners in a bid for a casino near Albany, N.Y., announced Wednesday that the Louisville-based casino and racetrack company is buying a quarter stake in the Saratoga Casinoand Raceway, a harness racing…

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#50: Eat at Moscatiello's Italian Restaurant

#50: Eat at Moscatiello’s Italian Restaurant

Moscatiello’s is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the area. (Villa Valenti and Scottie’s would rank up there as well.)  Located in East Greenbush, right by Hudson Valley Community College, it’s large and seats a lot of people, but it always seems crowded and there is often a wait for a table. No worries: Grab a seat at the bar and have a glass of wine or a cocktail while you wait!

The bruchetta is well worth a visit. And the tortellini. And the pasta e fazioli soup. And so many other things! Everything I’ve had here has been delectable with one exception: the pizza. The pizza sucks, so pass that up and order ANYTHING else on the menu.

Check out the menu, directions, etc. at their website: http://www.moscatiellos.com/

#160: Play Archery!

#160: Play Archery!

I’m not sure what the proper wording is here: Do you “play” archery? Or “do” archery? Or “participate in archery-related activities?” Hmmm…it’s a diction conundrum!

At any rate, if you feel so inclined to get your badassed Robin Hood self on, there is a great archery store in the capital district, called Flying Arrow Sports, located at 517 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush.

They offer private lessons, leagues (including youth and adult) and an indoor range. Cost is $10 for 2 hours to use the target range. Of course, they have a store where they sell archery-related equipment.

The only thing is that you can’t rent equipment through the store to use in the indoor range. Dang! I wish they did!  So go over to Walmart and buy yourself at $25 starter bow and arrow set, and bring it over to Flying Arrow to try out. If you like it, then you can upgrade your equipment to something a little better.

For lots more info, visit: http://flyingarrowsports.com/fas2_welcome.html