bacchanalia on the beach courtesy @adamsidman #dockweiler #2monthsinla (at Dockweiler State Beach)

just little east coast things: no bands sver fucking come here and nobody lives here so you cant just go to a concert and meet your tumblr frkends there and have a good time it doesnt work that way here

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I live in the east coast and that thing about twin peaks you said is so fucking true hahahaha, their not that great in my opinion though.

idk how I’m right i talk 2 much shit 2 b right

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About that asteroid thing... NASA just released an update about it. They are calling it a planet; that's how big it is. And based on all of the other end time prophesy (from the bible) currently being fulfilled (which I encourage fellow Christians to research because we are commanded by Jesus to be watching) this "planet"/asteroid could be "the mountain the Angels throw into the ocean"... Which could be the cause of a prophesied tidal wave to hit the east coast... Please watch

The thing is NASA actually confirmed its nothing major… And the person who sent me that was believing it’s the end of times and that God sent a letter? Nobody knows the day or hour..