my family immigrated from Somalia to the US in 1992 with nothing but a passport for a country that was a shell of their youth and their bodies my dad worked 80 hour weeks while my mom fumbled to learn a language that her tongue found difficult to bend to year after year we slowly had more and more and began to live comfortably our first place was a dilapidated 3 bedroom apartment with 15 people living in it we literally slept in beds like sardines for the first few years of my life my parents are the image of America that everyone needs to see

Happy Immigrant Heritage month from your local Somali neighbors.


I appreciate Lupita so much. Representation matters y'all ! It really does. Idc what anyone thinks, but, Lupita changed a lot of lives of little dark skin girls. She’s so beautiful ! I can tell you right now that thousands of girls are waking up more confident than they were before, because of this lady. From the skin, to the short natural hair ✨ she’s ICONIC