Safari Doctors: Meet Umra Omar, the Kenyan doctor who came back to heal

In the remote islands in Lamu, near the Kenyan-Somali border, aid groups have stopped working and infrastructure is crumbling as conflict escalates between the military and al-Shabaab fighters. The medical team from Safari Doctors, often under the watchful eye of founder Umra Omar, travel long distances by boat, and by road and air, to bring free medical care to the islands’ increasingly isolated people

Photographs by Sofi Lundin


In a remote forest in India there is a Little Africa. These people are believed to be descendants of slaves from East Africa by the Arabs and probably the British as well. They are said to have been brought from Kenya. They continue to till the lands of neighboring Indians and the women receive the lowest pay as housemaids. These forgotten children of Africa are at the very bottom of the caste system in India. Forgotten and shunned they continue to live in poverty. Yet, despite thousands of years they continue to preserve some of their African culture.


End: c103PM June 17th, 2012