East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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East of Eden is John Steinbeck at his sharpest. He said that every author really only has one “book,” and that all of his books leading up to East of Eden were just practice–Eden would be his book.

You will often hear it referred to as a “modern retelling of the Genesis story of Cain and Abel” but that is too simplistic. Steinbeck takes the story of Cain and Abel and makes Cain (in the form of Cal Trask) the sympathetic character. Cal Trask does not act destructively for the sake of destruction, but he is desperately clawing for approval and love from his father, Adam, who prefers Cal’s twin brother, Aron. The story isn’t that pat, though–Cal and Aron really don’t make their entrances as major characters until the last quarter of the 600 page novel. So, to say that this book is simply the retelling of Cain and Abel is to oversimplify the book. The main theme of the book is the desire within everyone for love, and how this desire can make people turn to destructive behavior.

This book has been criticized for being too verbose, meandering, inconsistently paced, and heavy handed in its parallel with the story of Cain and Abel. Yes, it is verbose and meandering, but that’s Steinbeck. It gives a full picture of the Salinas valley. It gives you insights and perspectives you might not otherwise have. If anything, Steinbeck’s constant forays into unrelated sidebars give the reader a break in pace, a rest that makes the more important parts of the books feel as though they flow more smoothly. As for the parallel with Cain and Abel, it is heavy-handed. Overall Steinbeck isn’t trying to hide it–he makes it clear that the story of Cain and Abel are an integral part of his story.

East of Eden is an amazing novel. Its strong points more than compensate for the very few shortcomings. Steinbeck is such a tremendous writer that his shortcomings become strengths.

by guest reviewer Frank

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 219}
      — Repel And Rupture —

Beatrice puts up a shield that defends Mama Voodoo, Deedee, Bianca and herself from anymore bewitchment. Transparent waves ripple out her hands ) ) ) as she casts a standard rebelling hex that slams the 19th century witch up against the kitchen wall. 
Samantha-Hain: “ UUUUFFFF!  ”
Dazzling smoke soon follows, blinding Samantha-Hain for a split second. While stunned Mama Voodoo pins her to the wall using the voodoo doll of course. Unable to move Samantha-Hain feels powerless against the modern day witches. 
Mama Voodoo: “ They didn’t have very good doctors in your time did they Samantha-Hain? Goodluck on getting this sorted If you ever get back to 1848….”
Mama Voodoo throws the voodoo doll onto the hard tiled floor. Samantha-Hain’s head smashes against the wall as she does so.
Samantha-Hain: “ ARGHH! ”
Mama Voodoo ruthlessly steps on the Voodoo dolls toro causing a fatal rupture  ! ! ! The pain is too strong that she can’t even scream.
Beatrice: “ *.*.* Twist the bones and break the back! Send —. ”

Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 215} 
             — Witch Beatrice? —

Beatrice: “ GUYS COME ON! You can’t be serious! I’m the real Beatrice!! ”

Samantha-Hain: “ NO! I’m the real Beatrice! ”

Beatrice: “ Look at me!!! Since when did I have that jumper in red! And since when did I wear such cheap red lipstick this early in the morning?! ”

Samantha-Hain: “ Don’t listen to her! She’s an intruder! She swapped our clothes with a spell and gave me a false beauty spot! The lipstick was hers too! She’s trying to trick you, she’s not Beatrice! I AM! ”

Bianca: “ …This is some straight up weird shit right here…. ”

Beatrice: “ Bianca! Your 8th grade crush was Tristan Van Gould! You dressed up as a prostitute at Belinda’s halloween party, 2005! You used to be obsessed with Bratz dolls! You were a bloody mermaid once and your favourite fashion designer is Sofia Carlton! Only the real Beatrice could know those things! ”

Bianca turns to Samantha-Hain and she spots the fear in her face. Bingo. *.*.*.*


I Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 212}
  — The Witch Is Back —

Back in Earth realm we arrive back to Crumplebottom manor, right were we left off! An uninvited Wiman has stolen Beatrice’s appearance!? She mirrors Beatrice’s from head to toe. However she doesn’t have a twin! The mysterious doppelgänger threatens her with death!
Beatrice: “ Who are you? Imposter!! ” Beatrice puts up her defense.
Samantha-Hain: “ Don’t you recognize me? Fate has given us the same look for a reason. I’m from the past, years ago. You and your sisters ruined my plan on Samhain night in 1848. You stole our last sacrifice for grand right! ”
Beatrice: “ LISTEN! I don’t know what your talking abo- …Wait. I think I do remember you briefly… When using the time door to rescue Bianca from the 19th century you were there! You were one of the witches that tried to murder her! Your my past life from the 1800′s! ”
Samantha-Hain: “ Ahahaha! Now I’m back for revenge! ”

It’s official - the Dark Souls black knight version 2.0 will be going to Dragon Con in September!  I’m super excited :-D  Who am I going to see there?

As I’ve said before, I’m working on a new helmet with more reasonable proportions, and I also should hopefully have time to make the black knight halberd / glaive.  I do still plan to make the sword as well, but I think the halberd will be easier to collapse so I can cram it in a suitcase.  

But before I worry about all that, I still need to finish those father masks… (If you’re interested in getting one, PM me to join the email list for more frequent, and reliable, updates)

Photo taken by ElusiveGreen at PAX East 2016

anonymous asked:

Okkk... So I got off the feeds at like 3 am (east coast time), and I'm hearing that Paulie was talking about Z and that he is gonna want her out to house soon. Please, please explain! I love their relationship but if Paulie is using z emotional that's is just wrong (however I still feel like he does care about her and wants to be with her). I want to hear what you have to say about this cause it's just a hot mess honestly.

That’s exactly what it is. A hot mess. I was all for the pettiness at first, but now it’s just getting sad.

Paulie and Zakiyah let their actions speak for them a lot. They’ll egg each other on but get mad when something doesn’t go “according to plan.” (i.e. getting the other’s attention, etc)

I think we can all agree that BOTH act childish/petty/jealous. They’re addicted to each other and not good at hiding their feelings. But there are some things you shouldn’t say because it can be interpreted differently from the way you actually meant it.

Honestly, Paulie should really consider what he says before actually saying it. He did throw Z under the bus and that was wrong on its own. I can’t say for sure how he meant it, but it sounded too arrogant and dickish.

Then again, Paulie always wants to make it seem like he and Z aren’t working together to avoid suspicion. In most instances, his mouth gets the better of him (he has no damn filter). They’re both showing insecurities and doubts about the other and where they stand.

In the beginning, both came into the house with the intent of winning 500k, not to fall in love with someone.

As we can see, feelings got mixed with the game. Zakiyah’s letting her emotions get to her and now Paulie’s in a similar position. For them to not be in a relationship, they definitely act like they’re in one.

Personally, I feel that it might be best they go their separate ways and wait until the show’s done to really work on things. Not saying that they can’t talk and try to work something out now, but for their own sanity, they need to focus on the game. It’s easier said than done, though.

It’s a constant cycle of P and Z “breaking up,” only to kiss and make up by the end of the night like nothing happened. I want them to really communicate with EACH OTHER (no one’s input but their own), but only time will tell.

(I hope this made sense somewhat. I don’t think it did; just ranting mixed with in depth analysis.)