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On any given episode of East Los High, the highly addictive teen soap on Hulu that just got a fourth season, you’ll see love triangles and heartbreak, mean girls and bad boys, and some seriously skillful dancing. Think a Latino Degrassi meets Gossip Girl meets Glee.

Clocking in at 20 minutes an episode with lots of online extras, the show is calibrated to get fans in their tweens, teens and 20s to inhale and then tweet things like “Finished all 3 seasons of #EastLosHigh in a week and now I have no reason to live anymore,” and, “OMFG! I want season four right now!!!!!!!”

But it turns out the show, which is nearing its fourth season and follows a group of mostly Latino high schoolers in East Los Angeles, serves up more than cat fights and cute outfits — it’s also a science experiment, conducted by a team of social scientists and health workers in cahoots with screenwriters and studio executives.

For the past three years, these unlikely collaborators have been folding information about sex and sexual health into the show’s frothy plot lines. Their mission: to make a hit show that also helps young Latinas make healthy life choices.

‘East Los High’ Isn’t Just A Soapy Teen Drama — It’s Also A Science Experiment

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East Los High  - Jessie’s Story

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S1 E13 - 24, released 6/18/13

WRITTEN BY: Mary Feuer, Chris Franco, Zoila A. Galeano, Evangeline Ordaz, Joaquin F. Palma, Carlos Portugal, Shelley Acosta Smith, and Sasha Stroman

East Los Angeles High School junior Jessie vomits before her dance group performs. Afterward, she approaches choreographer Cristian – with whom she had a secret one-night stand – and tells him she might be pregnant. He blames her for not using birth control and denies having any responsibility for her situation. Jessie later learns she is pregnant and visits a clinic to get some advice. The doctor presents her options - raise the baby, give it up for adoption, or terminate.

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So Hulu cancelled their latinx teen show, East Los High but unlike Netflix they're shooting a finale to wrap things up. It's kinda like Degrassi, it handles teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual orientation, undocumented immigrants, stds and there's dancing. There's so many women in this and they're all different. Like I wish it got more attention but honestly I'm glad Hulu gave it 4 seasons and a wrap up. Netflix doesn't do that, it just cancels things with no conclusion.

I just started it thanks to this ask and I’m already four episodes in! I love it so much I’m so sad its ending and I’m just now hearing about it. :(

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