east wind coming

Euros Holmes

She said that Euros is Greek and that it means East Wind.
Mycroft told Sherlock at the end of HLV that the ‘East Wind is coming to get you.’ They told us she was coming. Mycroft had to have known that she was coming back. And obviously he knows what her name means. Which also means Mycroft knew she was dangerous from the time they were all children. So Mycroft told Sherlock a story about the East Wind, how it was dangerous and in the end it would take us all. The East Wind was always going to show up in the end, they wouldn’t have mentioned it so much other wise. ((Moftiss knew they were going to bring in a sister and kept it quiet for three damn years. Damn good secret.))

One thing I know is that she is dangerous. And if we are to take the East Wind story at face value, then we know this next episode is going to be one hell of an episode. Even more shocking than this one. Even more questions that they are going to leave us with.

Euros puts John in that well. It can only be that especially after the way it ended. She won’t shoot him, just knock him out. Tranquillisers maybe, who knows. Culverton is gone, Magnussen is gone, Moriarty is gone. (If Mary was alive, she wouldn’t do this.) This Sherrinford is a maybe - after all Mycroft says he gets regular updates and that he is secure, question is secure where?

It all goes back to what happened between them.



Better wrap up warm.

There’s an East Wind coming.

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Sherlock, Mycroft, Euros. Flashback

Honestly, the best opening for the final episode would be the full scene of the flashback with Sherlock and Mycroft as children on the beach and then we see Euros chasing after them! They should be playing, like children do, but then Euros does something crazy which proves that she is not normal…signs of psychopathic traits often start in childhood. 

I bet she does something harmful to Redbeard which lead to him being put down, causing Sherlock to fear her immensely.

The East Wind is coming. 

The East Wind vs EMP Theory

So.  We saw Sherlock get shot in the chest in HLV.  We saw Mary get shot in the chest in TST.  We saw John get shot in the chest in TLD.  I would absolutely hate this, but these three shots could be overlapping events. The mind palace after being shot in HLV started with Sherlock being told the East Wind is coming. The East Wind actually coming could be the sign of the end of the Mind Palace. 

However, going off of that idea, the beginning of The Abominable Bride could be where the Mind Palace started, meaning he isn’t off that plane yet. To better illustrate, think of it like this: Sherlock is off to Eastern Europe, Moriarty comes on the screen, the plane turns around, John says “He better wrap up warm… there’s an East Wind coming”, and NOTHING since then has been real. Now we see that the East Wind has come for Sherlock, and this would make for a perfect transition – mentally, not visually. Sherlock knows “E” is behind the “Miss Me” – he figures that out going through everyone else he knows first. What a fitting thing for a sister to ask. The sister who abandoned him, his only childhood friend, the person that taught him love was a dangerous disadvantage. Probably why he doesn’t let himself care for even Mycroft. 

But back to the original idea – that nothing since Sherlock’s gunshot in HLV has been real. A disturbing thought, but I wouldn’t put it past Moffat. If that is the case, then Sherlock may have been hearing lines of dialogue from other characters as they wait by his hospital bedside. Sherlock’s line to Mrs Hudson in HLV saying “get some morphine I’ve run out” would instead be John telling a nurse “get him some morphine, he’s run out” and then telling her after she objects, “then what exactly is the point of you?”.  This could also be why he says “you made a vow! you swore it!” in the mind palace – Sherlock is hearing John speak in real life. Yes, this is a crack theory, but at this point some of my theories make more damn sense than the actual show, so cut me some slack. 

I am absolutely certain of John being the “Duplicate Man”. It shows up multiple times in The Six Thatchers and it’s coded in John’s blog in “Sherlock Holmes Baffled”. This case says “how can a man be in two places at once and dead in one of them?”. I don’t know what the hell is going on at the end of The Lying Detective, but John’s “dead” timeline is just about exposed, considering he got shot. But how can he be in two places at once?! As far as I’m concerned it’s still between “EMP Theory” and “Dual TImeline Theory”. But who the hell knows, this series is seriously so screwed up anyone’s guess is as good as mine.


“The East Wind is coming, Sherlock. It’s coming to get you.”