east village


“The East Village …was just exploding. All kinds of new things were starting. In music, it was the punk and new wave scenes. There was a migration of artists from all over America to New York. It was completely wild. And we controlled it ourselves.” - Keith Haring 

(Rolling Stone Magazine, 1989)

There are certain items that most everyone has in their fridge, and one of those is eggs. But, most people in #NYC simply go to their local grocery store or bodega to pick some up, not a dedicated egg store. The Egg Store pictured here was run by the family who owned Shady Hollow Farm in New Jersey from the fifties until the mid-eighties. In those decades, every Thursday people would line up to buy farm fresh eggs and connect with their neighbors. Funnily enough, the store that replaced the egg shop was called “No More Eggs”.

Edmund Vincent Gillon
[Fresh Jersey Eggs, Open Thursday Only at 72 East 7th Street.]
DATE: ca. 1978