east tibet


Dzogchen practitioner( mostly females) are practising in these retreat huts in remote area in Kham, East Tibet near Matong ( Yarchen Viddyana Meditation centre) , under -20+ degree. Notwithstanding the absence of electricity,heat,bathroom,bed, they have joy n inner freedom from realisation though, on condition of the determination to let go of the attachmnt of one’s life.

I do get uncomfortable when people think racism is never racism unless it occurs between what the US regards as two different races…because that erases a lot of clearly racist and even genocidal violence around the world. Imo most of this is due to lack of understanding how race is understood elsewhere, but it’s really quite limiting and can amount to US cultural imperialism.

Like…there are really sketchy conversations about whether Armenians and Greeks were ‘white or POC’ in context of their genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Or the way the Holocaust is often brushed off as being a ‘white people’s genocide’- when Nazi Germany carried out an extermination campaign clearly rooted in racial cleansing and the victims had no ‘white privilege’ in that situation. Or the way people don’t see China’s behaviour in Tibet and East Turkestan/Xinjiang province for what it is- a policy trying to enforce Han Chinese superiority and forced assimilation. 

We know race doesn’t have any real basis in science- it’s a social construct. All the more, this construct can be fluid depending on the context. 

European Valve Snail (Valvata piscinalis)

…also known as the European Stream Valvata, the European valve snail is a small species of freshwater valvatid snail that occurs naturally from the British Isles an throughout Europe, to Asia Minor all the way east to Tibet. However, it has been introduced into the United States where it occurs in Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Saint Lawrence River, the Hudson River and others. European valve snails typically occur in freshwater streams, rivers, and lake where they prefer running water and can tolerate water with low calcium levels. Like other freshwater snails, V. piscinalis is a grazer feeding on a range of algae and detritus. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-”Lower Heterobranchia”-Valvatoidea-Valvatidae-Valvata-Cincinna-V. piscinalis

Image: Michal Manas