east of the sun and west of the moon

The Youngest Daughter by DimitriKJr (East of the Sun concept art)


I love this image beyond words. Her ragged skirt, the golden apple (and the other two gifts), the compass, the eyes that say “I’m coming for my bear, come hell or high water”……….and she has a sweetheart ribbon in her hair.

Okay, it’s really just an ordinary red ribbon, I’m sure, but give her black hair and olive skin and tell me this couldn’t be Katniss! (Or for that matter, Snow White!Prim, who also has a bear to protect. ;D)


Not finished yet… =)

I’m not in the mood for this, so I just can’t finish it yet. I sent to my teachers the project in such a horrible state… Wow, if I weren’t so happy doing what I’m doing I would feel bad for my project…

Nah. I don’t think so.

The weird part is… they seem to have really liked it. o.õ Even if mine was the only project without cover, printed awfully on typing paper, with some missing pictures and some others completely blured.