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Java - Indonesia 

The Indonesian island of Java was formed mainly by a series of volcanic eruptions, and now features an east-west chain of volcanoes through the islands centre. The most well known of the volcanoes is Mount Bromo, in Eastern Java. The name Bromo derives from the Javanese pronunciation of the Hindu God Brahma. Mount Bromo is a very active volcano, last erupting in 2015, and before that, in 2011. 

The main languages spoken on the island of Java are Javanese and Indonesian. The nations Capital, Jakarta, is located in the far west, on the northern coast. 

Some more Art Deco - Villa Isola.
Overlooking the valley with the view of the city, Villa Isola was completed in 1933 by the Dutch architect Wolff Schoemaker for the Dutch media tycoon Dominique Willem Berretty, the founder of the Aneta press-agency in the Dutch East Indies. Berrety almost went bankrupt when building the villa. He died in a plane crash 3 months after completing the villa.

Legislators in Indonesia proposed a controversial law this week that would require girls to pass a “virginity test” in order to graduate high school. “If they’re not virgins anymore, don’t let them pass,” said one of the leading lawmakers from Jember, the township in East Java pushing for the V-card test, to a local news site. The proposed policy wasultimately defeated after an outpouring of public outrage across the archipelago nation.

This is not the first time such a law has been proposed in Indonesia. In 2007, the province of West Java called for similar tests on high school graduates, and in 2013, lawmakers in South Sumatra tried as well. Both attempts failed. Still, women applying to the National Police force have been given virginity, or “two-finger” tests since at least 1965—a few months ago, the Indonesian coordinating minister for politics, law, and security told the press that giving female military recruits a hymen check has been obligatory for a while now. Last November, the head of the force’s law division told theJakarta Post that the tests can help determine an applicant’s moral standards. “If she turns out to be a prostitute, then how could we accept her for the job?” he rationalized.

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Tom Kenny did a voiceover based on my life. Pretty neat. I’m laughing myself into a coma, this is the most amazing and funny thing I’ve ever listened to. 

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