east nashville

East Nashville, the small neighborhood where musicians can afford to be musicians

East Nashville is everything Brooklyn wishes it was, only affordable. It has its fair share of local butchers (Porter Road Butcher), organic and gluten-free grocery stores (The Turnip Truck) and the snobby coffee shop to end all snobby coffee shops (Barista Parlor). But unlike Brooklyn, musicians can actually afford to be musicians there.

That’s because rent averages $650 a month and cost of living is 9.5% lower than the national U.S. average. Combined with a small population of roughly 25,000, the 37206 zip code of East Nashville houses an enormous percentage of the cities’ musicians close enough together so they’re always collaborating. Redbull Sound Select artist Boom Forest and indie darlings Foreign Fields share a house in the east called Castle Red Skull. Their situation isn’t uncommon in Nashville — they have a big rickety red house filled with instruments and a rotating cast of musicians coming in from tour and going back out again. Everyone from the Avett Brothers to Mumford & Sons has passed through.

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Nest 615 Needs A Place To Perch!

After doing a little bit of ‘flying’ all over middle Tennessee, my little biz needs a place to call its own…a place to nest!

So this is a thing. I won’t hate you if you share it. 'Cause guise…guise…seriously, guise…this is one of those 'hopes, dreams, unicorns, and fairy dust’ kind of things for me. 

And hey…there’s a whole section about things other than actual money. That’s just how I roll these days..

But y'all...look. Like at this totally blank slate...

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was starting from scratch in this space. All it’s got are concrete floors, totally blank walls, & it’s pretty much just boring to look at & very non-Ginger-y.