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Singing in the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

The acoustics  in the 400 year old mosque are amazing & notes hang in the air with crystal clarity. The singer is a student from northern Iran visiting Isfahan & had always wanted to sing in the mosque because of its unique acoustic resonance qualities. You have to stand on the tiled square for perfect effect.

@ anon: Asians aren’t people of color? Really? Are you seriously telling me that (prepare for a massive picture spam) 

these people

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people of color

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(the above is a picture of Sri Lankans–if you know your geography, anon, you’d know that Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia, close to the bottom tip of India) 

No seriously, do you actually believe that all Asians are pale with “milky white skin” like most kpop idols and that’s why you have the (idk if mods consider this ableist language but I will star it out just in case) b**dbr**** idea that Asians aren’t colored because in your mind pale-skinned Asians =/= people of color? Even though, back around the Civil Rights Movement, white people told Asians they had to use facilities labeled for people of color because they didn’t see Asians, even pale-skinned Asians, as white?  

And even East Asians themselves can be people of color, as seen below: 

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(yeah Hyorin is a kpop idol but everyone knows that she naturally has darker skin compared to other kpop idols–even her audition video showed how naturally dark she was) 

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(another kpop idol, Lee Hyori, with naturally dark skin) 

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(original url for the above picture says that she’s a Chinese girl from Yunnan) 

Like oh look at the range in skin tones that Asians can have!!!! 

Lit from below, seen from above.

North East Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean coast.
(Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Egypt, The River Nile, The Red Sea, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, The Black Sea, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, & a slice of southern Italy.


Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) - Shiraz, Iran

A historic & traditional Persian garden, it dates back to the 18th century. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Have you guys seen this gem yet?

26 Questions Asians Have For White People

So true it hurts. (But also so funny.)

One of the most upsetting images I have seen in my life time. It speaks for itself a million word. It says how humane you can be. A normal kid who didn’t commit any crimes except for being a Palestinian. 

A Palestinian child the only survivor from the fire set into his family home by extremist Israeli settlers killing both his parents and little brother leaving him scarred for ever. The settler is free. Ahmed holds his best mate’s face tight close and expresses his mixed feelings of happiness to see his Neighbour friend and a sad feeling which reminds him of what was a normal life with his family and neighbors like all the other kids around the world. Palestine is a sad story Palestine had suffered for decades and Ahmed in this photo is one example of many other stories created by the only democracy in the Middle East as the west claims called Israel. Apartheid Israel. 

One of the worst inhumane and most hideous apartheid that existed in human kind history. Belgium, Paris and all other terrorist attacks are condemned but who will condemn this act of terror which deprived this beautiful kid from the most precious thing in life called family. Sad…

Rami Abusamra


Caucasians have given minorities, and those not of European descent, the term “people/person of color”. It is offensive that “Color” is the best description they could give to vast groups of people who do not come from European ancestry. There are more people who don’t have European ancestry than those that do, but we have allowed them to label us as different; a stain on what would otherwise be white. The term seems to denote a second class stature, that we have all accepted as the terminology and phrase to describe us, “color”.

Well fuck that. I come from people of CULTURE, just as many of my other brothers and sisters who are labeled “POC”. It is time we reclaim our own identities and not settle with the ones bestowed upon us by those who have ostracized minorities and anyone different from themselves. No longer will we allow our oppressors to categorize, label, and demoralize us. Who we are, where we come from, what we stand for, will be represented by us and not swept under the rug after it has been imitated. They gave us the term “people of color”, but jut like our foods we will spice it up to properly represent us.

We are PEOPLE OF CULTURE, each and every one of us. Whether from Central and South America, the South Pacific, Middle East, and the many African nations that are seen as the home of mankind. We have culture so vibrant and unique to each of us that Europeans honor us with the highest form of flattery; imitation. As much as they may imitate, we are the originators and descendants of culture, not color.

If you’re done being labeled a “person of color”, spread the word to those who will listen.

*HERE IT IS.* A POC space for folks to share their stories–fiction, non fiction, poetry, prose, art, comics, photos–on the unique experience of growing up brown with a white father. This is a compilation where those of us have experienced erasure in so many spaces can speak on what it’s like to be a person of color, while your father stands on the other side of privilege and patriarchy in a colorist society. Open to all POC with white dads (mixed race, adopted or otherwise). Check out the page for more info and feel free to reach out with questions.


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