east meets watts

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While looking up horror movies on YouTube, I found this…gem(?) that stars the Girl in Gold Boots, Leslie McRay, Giant Spider Invasion’s junkyard makeout session-loving Diane Lee Hart (and her boobs), surprisingly not really mute East Meets Watts star Carol Speed, and Dennis “Ready for Some Football” Burkley. They certainly brought out the big guns for this one.



(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8WDWeumj-M)

“An Asian boy band?”  “Yeah, they’re called Out of Sync.”

This is hilarious, I need to get this and see the whole thing.

Stud Brown, one half of the Dynamite Brothers from the movie, East Meets Watts…

yeah, they were teaming up hood Negroes with Kung-Fu dudes way before the Rush Hour movies.  

There is nothing original anymore, just variations on what came before, kids.

…with a name like Stud Brown, you better have what all the women want…rod and lots of it.