east los angeles

LANY Newsletter

hi -

i’m writing you from our rehearsal space in east los angeles. i kinda like telling you where i’m at when i’m doing this. it feels personal, and i think that’s one of the best things we (you and i) have got going on. LANY is personal… very, very personal.

on tuesday, i put up a pixelated image with tour dates. those dates fall into a thing called “the make out tour.” it’s our first ever headline run, and we’re really excited. tickets just went on sale, like, 5 seconds ago. you can get yours atthisislany.com/tour.

i know there are only 10 dates, and there are so many cities we’re missing. to be honest, it’s a miracle we’re even pulling these 10 shows off. we are routing this tour around the festivals we’ve booked for the summer, and there are some cities we’re not allowed to play in because of festival regulations. i’m not trying to bore you! just wanna be super transparent and let you know exactly what’s going on.

anyways, this is just the first of so many headline tours to come! but, it is still the first. and there’s something really special about that. i hope i get to see every single one of you! was just talking to the boys today in the car about how cool it is that we feel like we know so many of you, or at least know who you are, see your names pop up in our mentions or tagged photos. we’re still a baby band! you’re crazy if you think we don’t see that stuff.

i love you a lot. see ya soon.



Los Angeles Cruise Night: A unique display of classic car culture within Los Angeles. It was also the last time the 6th Street Bridge would be open to the public. Hundreds of preservationists, photographers, and classic car enthusiasts arrived to say their farewell.