east fifth bliss

OH MY GOOD LAHWUD. I cannot WAIT for this movie.

The Trouble With Bliss

See, under normal circumstances I am attracted to creepily older men and consequently I find movies that depict or hint at those sorts of possibly inappropriate relationships (An Education, Fish Tank, The Reader, That one episode of Glee.) to beee…. wellll…. how do I put this…


But not only does The Trouble With Bliss have one of the aforementioned sketchy relationships, it’s also about being stuck in adolescence and loss and man childness. and I LOVE those kinds of stories because I think they are incredibly relatable. 

So obviously this movie is for ME. 





Who is not only the formerly gay funeral director, sociopathic serial killer, cancer surviving LOVE OF MY LIFE!


Not to mention his love interest is Brie Larson whoooooooooo should have my CHILDREN because she’s a beautifully voiced, goddess. 

soooooooooooooooo long story short… I want this movie. I want it in my mouth. 

the end

- The Ever Inappropriate Tori 


Heading to the Newport Beach Film Festival Gala tonight! More than that I will be screening ‘East Fifth Bliss’ starring Michael C. Hall. Take a look at the trailer, and check back tomorrow for my review of the opening night festivies!

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This is kind of sad! It’s so close to part of Michael’s real story!

Eric Blair: (top) You’re a 35-year-old man who’s been essentially traumatized by the death of your mother. That’s what stops your character from progressing as a human being?
MCH: (bottom) (l) …you know it has to do with the economy, it has to do with one thing leading to another, but …® yeah there’s a time when this guy was frozen, in his adolescence, when his mother died, and what we see over the course of this movie is some of that melting (x).

Watch on i-am-a-dark-star.tumblr.com

One of my friend’s posted this on Facebook yesterday… and while I’ve known about The Trouble With Bliss (formerly known as East Fifth Bliss) for a while and I’ve been wanting to see it (although for a while it’s been purely for the cast… MCH, Lucy Liu, and Peter Fonda, doesn’t get much better than that) I’ve never actually seen a trailer for The Trouble With Bliss.  And I must say, that this trailer makes me even more excited to see this movie, especially since I now realize that the guy who played Tony Tucci on Dexter and the guy who played Ted Fairwell on Six Feet Under are going to be in it too (in case you can’t recall or don’t know, Tony Tucci was one of the ITK’s victims and Ted Fairwell is the guy that Claire met at her office job in season 5 and ending up marrying later in her life)

So basically, perfect cast is cast and I can’t wait to see this movie :3

Newport Beach Film Fest: East Fifth Bliss

Let me start off by telling you what a TREAT this film was. Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is like you’ve never seen him before…and by that I mean he didn’t kill anyone. How refreshing.

The movie starts off with me feeling, well…awkard. A half naked girl (played by Brie Larson. She keeps popping up in my blogs…wth) jumping up and down on a bed; Morris (Hall) underneath her. So far I feel like I may hate this movie. To my surprise, I bloody loved it!

“East Fifth Bliss” is a film adaptation of the novel by Douglas Light and Michael Knowles (no relation to that Beyonce character). Thirty-five year old Morris Bliss lives in a beat up old apartment with his aging father (Peter Fonda) in New York City. Oh, and did I mention that he’s jobless and pretty much sucks at life? He’s awkward, slightly creepy and finds himself caught up in a relationship with his former classmate’s 18 year old daughter ( Brie Larson). She’s crazy town to say the least. I don’t wanna give any more away, but I will say that in this process of accidental self discovery; Morris ends up in a lot of deep and strange sh*t.  

Final Word: This movie more than exceeded my expectations. It was Absolutely NOTHING like I thought it would be and there were some outstanding performances by the supporting cast (Lucy Liu & Chris Messina). If you like dark comedy, then PLEASE make sure you check it out. This will definitely open some new doors for Michael C. Hall, as ‘Dexter’ slowly makes its exit from our TV screens. I say it’s about time!

Honorable Mention: BRAD WILLIAM HENKE!! HE’S Hysterical!

Here are a few pictures from the gala and screening. There were so many, it was hard to choose which to post but here they are! Enjoy!

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