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Future “most hated soap opera villain in England” Alex Ferns, best known for his role as Trevor Morgan on East Enders. He served in the SADF’s 2nd Special Service Battalion as a MAG-58 gunner, and was regarded by his fellow troopers as a “hell raiser of epic proportions”, a “mad Scotsman”, and the “most talented cadence singer in the Battalion”.

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Regarding Iron Fist, the critics went into viewing it with the negative hashtag reaction to casting, plus the story doesn't start to come together until episode 7. Plus we have seen Superhero Origin Story over and over again. Critics get tired of that, fans don't. My only, shall we say, cultural criticism is this: why did Davos speak with an East Enders accent? That's more irritating than casting an actor who looks like the comic book character.

hey didn’t you write the cover story i mean completely irrelevant to current discussion but i recognize your name and that was/is one of my favorite fanfics since forever

i agree with you on the critics coming into it with a negative light from casting and it being somewhat slow until ep 7, as well as your portion on critics getting tired of that

i’m honestly in the middle of episode 8 so i don’t think i can comment on the rest of it but ill still take your opinion into account lool


Davide Squillace b2b Matthias Tanzmann @ East Ender Sonar Off Barcelona