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I’m not really sure what to say

I’m sorry that some of you feel Emmerdale is slighting you somehow. That is a terrible feeling. I can relate to that. I don’t agree or at least don’t see it that way but it does suck if that’s how it feels. Cause you should always be heard.

Maybe it’s an experience thing? Maybe everyone imagines that every show is marginalizing us. I don’t think that’s the case but I also don’t think anything they could do aside from breaking all the pre-watershed rules would go much further to change that. 

This show has done amazing things with all their LGBTQ characters over the years but especially Aaron and Robert. Aaron is great product of that. They’ve legitimized bisexuality with a main CORE character and continue to show what bi-phobia can look like and fight against it. 

For me the difference with Emmerdale and other soaps who have gay characters is so striking. I was deep in a ship of a US soap gay couple. At the time it was groundbreaking (this wasn’t that long ago to be honest) and it was exciting for so many of us in that fandom. We had 2 kisses…

….and then nothing, some hugs, a little handholding, one mistletoe kiss THAT WAS PANNED away from so it was IMPLIED rather than seen. 

For over 8 months. Nothing. Once they did kiss, it was a bit easier but then it took a total of 2 YEARS for this couple to have sex. TWO YEARS. And we didn’t see anything at all. 

They moved in together at some point but we were told…not shown. There were a bunch of obstacles that made no sense thrown in the way. Then it ended with them not even together. 

But I could have gotten over that if they had been treated as part of the actual show. They were isolated for the most part, had almost no real interaction with other characters (well one had a bit more than the other but not really all that much) and they didn’t feel like they were a part of the show. They had good emotional depth because the actors were fantastic but – yeah. That was ignorance and fear at work. 

Currently there are several gay couple/characters on US and UK soaps but they have no story (don’t talk to the DAYS fans who are being screwed over right now). Hollyoaks has probably one of the most physical but the writing and stories for them are abysmal and they have no depth as a couple while their other couple has potential but it’s being squandered. Corrie is a little boring to be fair and aren’t front burner. Let’s not even talk about East Enders and Ben, ok? 

I look at them and then I look at Emmerdale. I am astounded. Because they are not marginalizing Robert or Aaron. They don’t stick them in a corner and pull them out when they want to show us “the gay couple.” That’s the thing..they aren’t spotlighted to be that. They are shown to be a COUPLE in love. They have actual jobs they go to (sometimes), they interact with other stories and characters, they have family, they have friends (well, they have at least one friend). They have ENTIRE PRESS JUNKETS AND SPECIAL EPISODES revolved around them. The writers take care so much to write them. I’m sorry but they do. Maxine and Isobel and Jane in particular are amazing with characterization. 

Could it be better? Always. I think everything has room for improvement. I want to hurry their timeline on how they are integrating Robert more and more as they have fleshed him out (but that’s a completely different post, ask me about that later. :)) 

I just – I don’t think that Aaron is being written in the way he is being written because they want to not show a gay couple being intimate. Aaron is being written the way he is because Aaron has ISSUES with intimacy. Always has. He has NEVER been an outwardly physical or emotional character. He rarely let’s anyone outside family and Robert touch him and EVEN then he is hesitant with them. That is who Aaron is. It’s partly his past experiences, his own insecurities and to be honest, his and Robert’s very recent past issues. Aaron has let Robert in more than I think anyone else and that is something important the writers have done.  Robert, oth, is the most tactile character. He shows how he feels way easier. I think for him being physical was his go to when he wanted something or someone. It’s the emotional side of Robert that has needed tending to. And it has gotten that. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more sides to Robert, more fleshing out, more thoughts and feelings.

What they have done right is tell this love story between this two damaged men very well and quite truthfully. They haven’t backed down from doing that though. They are leaps and bounds ahead of so many others. And they keep trying. 

I’ve been on the other side of this fence. I’ve been in that writer room watching them try to figure out a way to tell their story effectively while having to listen to network interference. I know how writers are, how much they can care and how much they sometimes don’t. This bunch of writers on this tiny show care so damn much about these characters and their fans. It’s a blessing because many many do not. 

Maybe it’s those experiences that don’t let me see where some of you are coming from. I’m sorry for that. I hope that somehow it gets better and that you can find enjoyment. I hope that you one day find a show who you believe is hearing you and speaks for you. 

I hear you though and I am crossing my fingers and I love you very much. 

Future “most hated soap opera villain in England” Alex Ferns, best known for his role as Trevor Morgan on East Enders. He served in the SADF’s 2nd Special Service Battalion as a MAG-58 gunner, and was regarded by his fellow troopers as a “hell raiser of epic proportions”, a “mad Scotsman”, and the “most talented cadence singer in the Battalion”.

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did you hear about how emilie had an affair with tom ellis in s2 while he was married and that's why his wife divorced him? talk about a wild revelation. so awkward.

I would normally never post an ask like this, except that last week this story was ALL over the British tabloids so it’s not like it’s an unsubstantiated fandom rumor or secret. (Google it and you’ll see)

I found the rumors totally wild and was actually afraid (since the news was so fresh) that Emilie might get asked about it at the con. As far as I know that didn’t happen. Phew, because awkward!!!

Seems like the story surfaced since Tom’s ex-wife is headed back to East Enders. It now makes a lot more sense why Tom didn’t reprise the role of Robin Hood in season 3…

On the subject of international killjoys, imagine British killjoys.

London is turned into another Bat City. All the old brick buildings get whitewashed and papered in propaganda. The East Enders are the most bitter about this and often tear down posters and chip off paint under cover of darkness.

Killjoy street artists selling paint on the black market and digging up old caches from before BLI’s take over. Street artists risking death to keep art alive in the East End. Artists vandalizing cameras so their buddies have a little more time to get their stuff up before the Crows come rolling in.

Killjoys escaping into abandoned tube stations. Abandoned stations becoming covered in graffiti art. Art popping up in busy tunnels where regular citizens can see it. Artists feeling smug that only they know the tunnels well enough to get near the art without being killed by trains. Art in the underground sticking around the longest because the Crows can’t figure out how to remove it without stopping service and letting on that something is wrong.

Killjoys escaping to the countryside. Killjoys finding old villages and setting up shop in the now abandoned buildings. Killjoys living in stone houses built in the 1500s.

British killjoys still finding ways to have afternoon tea. Killjoys growing scrawny mint plants in what good soil is left. Killjoys finding creative ways to brew leaves. Killjoys freaking out when they find real proper tea in abandoned homes.

Just British killjoys, man.

I’m so excited to see Thor: Ragnarok tonight because it will feature Doctor Strange. He quickly became my favorite MCU character because I relate so much to his struggle to come to terms with his disability and how it had negatively impacted his life.

Here’s the problem, though: he doesn’t have my disability. In fact, none of the many disabled characters in media who I relate to have my disability because so few characters in mainstream media have epilepsy.

I tried to think of any epileptic characters off the top of my head and eventually had to give up and do a Google search. The British are doing kind of ok with representation, with two of their most popular shows, Coronation Street and East Enders, featuring both characters and storylines related to epilepsy. In America, though, the most prominent piece of media I could find with an epileptic character was Garden State and a character from The Young and The Restless.

Friends, we deserve better representation than an indie movie from the early 2000′s whose most notable contribution to society was popularizing the “manic pixie dream girl” stereotype and a soap opera that treats epilepsy more for shock and horror than anything else.

Doctor Who Cast Revealed For Next Season

The BBC has revealed who will be joining Jodie Whittaker as she makes her debut as the Doctor next season on ‘Doctor Who’.  Mandip Gill (Doctors, Casualty) will play Jasmin, Tosin Cole (East Enders, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) will play Ryan, and the long-rumored Bradley Walsh (The Chase, The Sun Trap) will play Graham.  No word on if all 3 will travel in the TARDIS or if we’ll end up closer to the days of Danny Pink.  ‘Doctor Who’ is expected to premiere in the fall of 2018.  

duet, chapter 3

Aha! I have neither died nor forgotten how to write! Here is the next part of Duet, my Soul Mate/Reincarnation AU where Jamie and Claire meet in their subsequent lives, recognizing each other only after saying their “phrases”. Enjoy :)

Catch up with Chapter 1 (Paris, 1829) and Chapter 2 (Ohio River Valley, 1853).

THREE (Bristol, England – April 1999)

Claire Randall did not feel particularly charitable towards God today. Or towards his angels or his Saints – and certainly not towards his bloody Apostles. And why should she, really? The Apostles’ steadfast loyalties had run dry when it counted, a chorale of snoring men while their Christ had bled. Claire hated betrayals, all unmet promises and failed potential. And on this Easter Sunday her own missed opportunities seemed to bellow from the organ: If you had only! If only, if only!

Beside her, Louise dropped to her knees, gulleted chin tucking into a hallowed chest. Her eyes peeked up – not at the priest’s pulpit, but at the clock hanging just above, as if prayer could right the wrongs of time. Claire snorted quietly. Gravity had not been kind to the woman, time even less so. Louise’s jowls sagged forwards in blatant proof, skin dripping from her skull like molten wax. If only, if only!

Claire caught her own reflection in the window and cringed reflexively: patches of thinning, gray hair, once so full and curly, and a face turned to crinkled lace. Her cane stood at her side, a reminder that, even if she felt so inclined, she couldn’t kneel and right herself without help.

It wasn’t that Claire cared about her appearance so much as what these physical changes implied. Old age, death. All those regrets oozing from brittle bones, joining in the organ’s elegy for her dwindling future.

“Terminal cancer…”

“Early stages, though!”

“Admission still advised.”

“The hospital – just beside the facility!”

Oh, how the doctors had sung such statements! A row of youthful faces beaming with silent relief: it was not their deaths that they predicted, their doom they foretold. Surely, they seemed to think, the hospital’s convenience would ease the blow of her body’s betrayal?

Well, terminal cancer, my arse.

Perhaps this was why the Apostles slept, Claire mused: they’d recognized the signs of danger, wanted to shunt it away in ignorant, sleepy denial. She could understand that, at least. All she wanted now was to burrow beneath her covers, eat a Hershey’s bar, and forget about chemotherapy and syringes and the saccharine smiles of her aids.

“Oi, I’m going back to my room,” Claire whispered. Louise nodded, crossed herself, and sat back into her chair with ease.

Horrible jowls, but better knees, damn her!

“Will you come to bingo at 7 tonight, then?” Louise asked.

“Bloody hell I will.”

“And why not? You’ve not gone once in the three weeks you’ve been here. You’ll make friends.”

“No need,” Claire replied, very matter-of-fact. “I’ll be out of this place soon enough.”

Her friend rolled her eyes, and Claire thought, for a moment, she’d caught a glimpse of the girl Louise had been in youth, not the weathered woman groping desperately for clock hands. Perhaps she’d had bit of precociousness, an alluring strut that showed off the promise of her plump hips (now replaced with metal).

Did men like that sort of thing back then? Claire could hardly remember, though a recent issue of the Daily Mail claimed men’s tastes veered towards “the waif”. Get the Kate Moss Look! the headlines shouted. Claire had never been a waif, and despite an illustrious career in healthcare, had no qualms about eating McDonald’s Big Macs or foregoing exercise in favor of the telly. She made a note to ask her godson, Claudel, for his opinion (“Do you enjoy dating broomsticks, Claudel?”) before remembering he’d recently changed his name to Fergus (“Claudel is just so bourgeoisie.”).

So many things changed, and so quickly.

“I hear there’s a new bloke in the East Wing,” Louise whispered, “According to Nadine, he’s unmarried and quite the looker. I’ll bet he likes bingo, too.”

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Sean Maguire Breathes New Life Into Robin Hood in Once Upon A Time

In the past 70 years, roughly fifteen men have portrayed the heroic Robin Hood in film and on television - Kevin Costner,  Russell Crowe, Sean Connery, Errol Flynn. Now Sean Maguire, the sophisticated, sexy and suave British actor joins that coveted list. This gifted actor has brought his special interpretation of the romantic hero to ABC’s hit fantasy drama Once Upon a Time which premieres Sunday, September 27 from 8-9pm ET/PT on ABC. Sean, a fan favorite, has recently been made a regular cast member for Season Five.

An actor’s actor, Sean’s career spans television (East Enders, Grange Hill, Criminal Minds, CSI New York), film (Songs For Amy, Waterland), and music. Yes, he actually flirted with the UK pop charts in the mid-1990s placing nearly a dozen singles in the Top 30, but surely his proudest credit yet, is becoming a father for the first time. He and his wife, Tanya, welcomed Flynn Patrick this summer.

And here’s another Sean Maguire fun fact: Sean’s first role (at age 5) was in the film Voyage Around My Father with Sir Lawrence Olivier, which also happened to be the legendary knighted actor’s final role. I caught up with Sean via phone who was in Vancouver filming Once Upon A Time.

[Read more]