east dragon west dragon


so Erica and I went to Scott C’s book signing on South 1st St in Brooklyn last night and it was really nice. It was a pretty small thing in a little hole-in-a-wall bookshop so we got some time to actually talk to Scott, which is a bit of a blessing and a curse cause he’s super awesome but I’m pretty awkward, but he was really cool about the whole thing.

he asked if we were into art and I was like “yeah we both like to draw but Erica’s actually studying it (she’s doing animation) and I just went into math.” and then they talked about art and I just stood there awkwardly like “I like math yeh”

and so I got East Dragon, West Dragon for my nephew (he’s 6) and Scott signed it and drew a little picture which was cool and it came with a tiny adorable bookmark and aghh it was cool as anything

lol i must’ve said cool like 5 times now but it really was i dunno the end