east down

I realize that “let us wipe 2016 from memory” is a joke and all but I’m getting more and more worried that in 70 years we’re going to find our lives portrayed by some white person in an oscar-nominated movie.


‘’River’s rock group is called Aleka’s Attic - it’s a name, he confided, he made up, a character from one of his fictional stories. He’s the lead singer of the band and plays guitar; his sister Rainbow does back-up vocals, plays maracas and tamborine. Three of the most adorable guys you’ve ever seen are part of the band, too: Josh McKay is the bass player, Joshua Green, a friend of Riv’s from Florida, is the drummer and Tim Hankins handles guitar plus the sweet, lush sounds of the viola!

Aleka’s Attic’s been practicing for the past several months - performing all of River’s original progressive folk-rock songs in very tiny clubs all up and down the east coast. Only River has made super sure no one knew he was the front man for the band! He wants Aleka’s Attic to be accepted for its music - not because people know River Phoenix is involved.’’

[Excerpt from Teen Magazine about Aleka’s Attic].


“I had a guitar class at school. I dropped out but the guitar class was the only class I would’ve passed. I don’t know why, but I just knew that school wouldn’t afford me anything. I knew that I wasn’t going to be working for an insurance firm. I knew that I wasn’t, you know? What was I, 15 when I dropped out? You know, it’s like, ‘I gotta fucking be an adult now’. There was a part of me that was gonna just join the Marine Corps and say fuck it and get out, but I started playing clubs when I was 13. I’d sneak in the back door, play a set and split – stand out back, smoke, go back in to the set. I played under-age up and down the East Coast, for a couple of years.” - Johnny Depp