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GROUNDED! - A Bleach AU Idea Revised

You might’ve seen the original idea for Grounded! before. Long story short, it’s evolved significantly since that post was made. Namely, I (among others) fell for YoruIchiRuki as an AU OT3, so it’s now the start of a much longer series of adventures for the three. So, I’ve decided to publicly expand upon the idea as originally presented.


Ichigo is fascinated with a jet-haired flight attendant he weirdly keeps running into. Okay, well, that was true the first half-a-dozen times. Then he pulled some favors and found out who she was and what her route was. What? They just wind up flying together a lot and staying in the same layover cities pretty often. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a coincidence. He’s never even talked to her really, except to occasionally ask for a Coke. She probably doesn’t even know he exists.

Or perhaps Rukia does, but thinks much the same.

But for every awkward problem in the world, there’s an equally awkward solution! Enter Yoruichi—that’s Captain Shihōin to you, buddy—who’s never met someone she wanted to bed that didn’t wind up there the next morning.

When all three of them wind up stuck during a layover because of the worst blizzard in a century, Yoruichi happily plies her wiles on Rukia, only to soon discover she’s stepped into a thorny situation. Feeling more than a little guilty, because she really likes Rukia, she decides to adopt a new pet project: she’s going to get the two of them together, hell or high water.

There’s just one problem: nothing ever works out that cleanly or easily.

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