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Good Morning from Scotland 

 Dark Dawn by ScottSimPhotography
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A cold, dark dawn on the Aberdeenshire coast of Scotland. It didn’t look like it was going to be an interesting sunrise, but I’m glad I stayed in the end… ● Sony a6000 ● Rokinon/Samyang 12mm Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/scottsimphotography/ All rights reserved. Please do not use any of my pictures without prior permission.

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012 for the autumn prompt table

So I actually had to look up what a Mischief Night is (looks like an East Coast/UK thing?) but oh boy am I glad I did, because so many ideas…sorry this took so long! 

I’m going to assume that Halloween hasn’t happened yet in the Riverdale universe, so this happens post 1x13.

Short fic/drabble? Sorry I don’t know her

“Mr. Weatherbee, freedom of the press is a constitutional right and I don’t believe the school board will be too happy to hear you’re stifling the development of young writers over one little article by cutting the Blue & Gold’s funding.”

“Miss Cooper, I’ve allowed you to resurrect the paper on the condition that the funding can be allocated each quarter and there are no funding requests that take precedence. During the break when we revised the budget, it was decided the money could be put to better use elsewhere and there’s nothing more I can do about it. Now, classes start in two minutes and I’m positive you don’t want to lose your perfect attendance record.”

Betty storms out of the office and down the hall to her locker. Spinning the combination, her fingers trembling in anger, she develops and discards plan after plan to get back at Weatherbee. An exposé in the Register on his repurposing of the Blue & Gold’s funding, no doubt for more new football uniforms? A sternly written letter to the PTA extolling the virtues of quality journalism and the need to offer a wide range of extracurriculars for all students?

“Not to ruin a good thing here, but you’re glaring at that picture like it’ll suddenly give up season 8 spoilers for Game of Thrones,” Veronica says, poking her head out from behind Betty’s locker door.

Betty almost smiles until she remembers the injustice that had just been leveled on Riverdale High. “I’m hoping the abyss of my locker will reveal an idea to get back at Weatherbee,” she admits, grabbing her biology textbook and shutting the door. “He cut the paper’s funding, so there goes my chance to right at least some of the wrongs in this town.”

“Are you sure that’s it?” Veronica questions, following Betty down the hall to their classroom. “Or does this has something to do with your newly-Southside loner boyfriend and the Blue & Gold being the only thing left to remind you of him at Riverdale?”

“Jughead and I…we haven’t talked much since everything with Mr. Andrews. He’s been busy trying to research his dad’s case, and the paper keeps me busy too. Instead of worrying about him, I can worry about the freshman who keeps submitting crazy inappropriate cartoons or that advice column the guidance counselor made me start that has no questions.” She shakes her head at the thought of the new advisor telling her how “helpful” it would be for kids to write in and share their problems. “Weatherbee just wants to punish me for publishing the article about FP, and I’m not going to let him get away with it.”

Veronica smirks with a cunning look in her eye. “I think I can help you out with that.”

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