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I was at a special screening of The White Princess tonight that had this amazing panel featuring the showrunner. I’m still in awe and shock over it! But one thing not even related in the slightest to the show was overhearing a man tell the woman next to him that “Jamie from Outlander was in this and he’s Jeremy Irons son, and he’s also a model.” Pretty sure he threw in an and I know him in there to impress the lady…. I’m sure @got-outlander-fanfiction can help me elaborate.

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Are you other three not as much friends with Ravenclaw/Caitlin? I sometimes feel like ravenclaw/Caitlin is kinda over looked. Happy you other three are best buddies but why are you leaving out Caitlin? Ravenclaw exist even if you don't like her as much for any reason (I like her!!) So please, remember us too!!

I’m honestly not sure why you’d think we’re not as much friends with Caitlin. She’s definitely the little sister I never had.

If you’re referring to the friendship post where Caitlin isn’t in it, that would be a couple of reasons:

  1. She lives on the west coast; Justin and I literally live 5 minutes apart. Jamie comes to visit for conventions that she and I go to together even though she lives in Texas (Gryffindors, man)
  2. Caitlin was under 18 when those pics were taken  and it’d be a little creepy for us mid-20-somethings to travel to to the west coast to visit someone under 18 and she couldn’t really get to the east coast (or even meet in the middle) because that would be creepy. I’d be the one meeting her and that’s creepy to me. We ain’t about creeping on minors, even if they are our blog-mates.

Caitlin is also ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING LIKE SHE NEVER STOPS. I’m pretty sure she’s in Europe right now because Ravenclaws, dude. So we still talk a bunch behind the scenes, but she can’t necessarily get online to answer gif requests.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)


The Aibo meet video is up for anyone who wants to watch! 🤖✨

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Hi entoxia I'm a new follower love the art work BTW I was wondering if Tony and Dean had a nationally cause Tony seems to me like Hispanic or Scottish and Dean is English or a new yorker kind vibe

tonys italian and dean is definitely like, north east coast american
though they both meet/grow up together in a southern dirt town

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Hi Sticky! So, Derek drove from Brazil to the US? Do JD realizes it takes approximately 1 month for that kind of trip? And that saying that Derek drove to the US east coast to meet up with Stiles first, let's just say NC or Quantico. Then they drove to Cali? Yeah it makes a lot of freaking sense.. Also, Derek would only go back for Sc*tt, but picks Stiles up first. Guess we know who is the REAL number 1 😘

I have no clue, it’s all very stupid, but yeah, Sterek all day every day!

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It was Dipper's first time in New York City and he couldn't be more excited. He'd never been to the East Coast before. He was meeting his twin there in a few days but for now, he was alone. The lack of nature unnerved him though and he made his way to Central Park, hoping for a spot of peace in this huge city. (Male Steve please)

Steve was sketching quietly on a bench. He kept pausing to look at the wedding band Bucky had given him just over a year ago. It felt like yesterday. And it felt like a thousand years since Bucky had died.
He closed his eyes. He needed a distraction. A friend. Casual sex even. He berated himself for not calling up old friends.

five things tag.

tagged by @imdifferentshadesofpurple, thanks babe 💞

Five things you’ll find in my bag 

  1. Wallet and car keys 🔑
  2. Allergy pills because I’m allergic to life lol
  3. Water bottle
  4. Sunscreen if summer
  5. Phone 📱

Five things in my room 

  1. K-pop albums and posters (mostly got7/jjp)
  2. Stuffed animals 🐻
  3. Too many clothes and shoes considering I don’t go out that often lol
  4. Lots of makeup since I used to be a makeup artist 💄
  5. Assorted mess..

Five things I’ve always wanted to do

  1. Travel to all the worlds fashion capitols for all the different fashion shows
  2. Go to a haunted house 👻
  3. Move out of the midwest and live on the coast (preferably east)
  4. Meet Youngjae
  5. Be a makeup artist on the set of Star Wars

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Tab Hunters relationship with Tony Perkins in the 1950s reminds me soo much of larry.

omg, i’m literally so in love with them rn… I mean, they were amazing and their story really reminds me of larry too, i’m wow… I was reading and then i got like….. “WA I T?!!!!! THERE’S ANOTHER POWER COUPLE WITH THIS SIMILAR STORY !!!!” 

“Imagine an alternative universe in which being gay in nineteen-fifties America was not just tolerated but celebrated. The hottest couple in Hollywood would undoubtedly be Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins. The two actors met in 1956, at the pool at the Chateau Marmont. Perkins, brooding and darkly handsome, was doing “Friendly Persuasion” and was four years away from “Psycho.” Hunter was a studio player at Warner Brothers: a blond, blue-eyed dreamboat, whom the studio was selling—quite successfully—as the quintessential boy next door.

Had the three-year romance that followed been acceptable in the light of day, Hunter and Perkins might have been iconic: an East Coast–West Coast, sunny-meets-stormy power couple. In real life, of course, the relationship was a potential career-ender for both, and they kept it secret from even their closest friends. As Hunter recalls in Jeffrey Schwarz’s new documentary, “Tab Hunter Confidential” (opening in New York this weekend), he would go out on “dates” with starlets like Debbie Reynolds, arranged by the studio and lapped up by movie magazines; sometimes, he and Perkins would double-date with women and then go home together.”

i’m obsessed 

Property of Lydia Martin

Fic Request:

  • stiles and lydia already being together but then girls start to notice stiles and lydia gets jealous. She proudly puts them in their place. 
  • Lydia sees stiles getting hit on by other girls at a party and decide that he is hers and drag him away to show him a good time ;) 

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Jealous!Lydia

Author: stydia-xo

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League of Legends (Mikey)

You smiled at Mikey over your webcam. “You’re going down Clifford” you said with a laugh. “I don’t know about that” he smirked. You had met Mikey while playing League of Legends and have constantly talked since you first played. You each made a point to set aside time at least once a week and play each other. 

“Fucking hell Clifford. How did you manage that?” you shouted as he destroyed your nexus. “You know. I’ve been practicing and stuff” he giggled. “One more time” you growled, not willing to accept your defeat. It took him a little longer this time but he managed to beat you again. 

“Clifford I’m going to beat you in real life” you sighed as you threatened him. “Too bad we’re a world apart. Seems like I’m safe” he smirked. “Yea” you sighed. Mikey lived in Australia and you were in America. You had talked about meeting up before but it never worked out. 

“Don’t look so sad darling” he said. “Yea, yea” you sighed. He was smiling at you. “What are you looking at Clifford” you were trying to sound mean, it just wasn’t working. “You look sexy when you’re trying to be mean” he winked and stuck his tongue out. “You know, if I didn’t love you I would hate you completely” you said. “Oh yea. Keep talking to me like that baby” he laughed. “MICHAEL” you heard his mom shout from off camera. “I’m just joking with y/n mom! Calm down” he shouted back. You cracked up. “Tell her I say hi” his mom replied. Mikey swung his head around and looked into the camera “My mom says hi”. You giggled “Tell her I say hi”. “She says hi!” he shouted.

“So” Mikey said, turning to give you his full attention. “The lads and I are going to the LA house in a few days” he smiled. You sighed “Mikey how many times do I have to remind you that I live on the east coast?”. His smile widened, you loved that smile. “Well. How about you visit the west coast y/n?” he said, pulling a plane ticket with your name on it off of the desk. “MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD. YOU’RE FUCKING JOKING” you shouted. “What do you say?” he asked, pulling his lip between his teeth and biting on it in anticipation. 

You were on a plane to LA. You never thought you’d leave the east coast especially not to meet your best friend that was in a hugely popular band. You were nervous. You had played the scene over and over again in your head, sometimes you kissed him. That made you more nervous, you’d had a crush on Mikey since you started talking but he didn’t know that. 

By the time the plane landed you were shaking. This was just too insane. You got your bags and headed outside of LAX, soaking in some California sun and waiting for Mikey. Suddenly a car screeched to a halt in front of you and you recognized that head of bright red hair even through the tinted windows. The butterflies in your stomach were going crazy. 

The tall boy hopped out of the car with a big smile on his face. “Y/n!” he shouted while taking big steps towards you. The closer he go the less anxious you became, it was weird. Suddenly you were in his arms and your feet were off the ground. He was laughing. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. “I can’t believe you’re here. In person” you squealed. “Are you kidding? I can’t believe you’re here in person! You’re real! I can touch you” he laughed. 

You two were just smiling at each other for a few seconds, each appreciating that the other was finally in front of them. Mikey broke the moment when he grabbed your face and kissed you. It was surprising but pleasant and you melted right into him. “God I’ve wanted to do that since I first played against you” he laughed and you blushed. “Now let’s go get some lunch and then I’ll bring you to meet the lads” he smiled, opening the passenger side door for you.