east coast birds

anonymous asked:

name your top five obscure bird species (no chicken, pigeon, puffin, lovebird, or parrot)

ugh how could you only make me pick 5

1. Hoatzin

These fucking birds are part dinosaur part bird found in South America and what’s cool about them are that their chicks have claws on their wings that allow them to climb around like the hell spawns they are (and they remind me of my favorite dinosaur the archaeopteryx)

2. Nightjars

Ok this part cat part bird is a nocturnal species found all over the world and they fucking sleep on the ground so don’t step on them

shhhh they sleeping

mother of god

3. Cock of the Rock

Yo i actually don’t have any cool facts about these birds I just love their names

He screams

4. Secretary Birds

nOW here’s a cool mother fucker. This half eagle half crane is found in Africa and hunts on foot by stamping and kicking snakes and other small prey

secretary birds also have some long ass eyelashes to protect them from dust and sand

5. Killdeer

Ok so if you’re American (esp from the east coast) this bird is probably not obscure but i’m adding this bird anyone cuz i luv them so much

the chicks are precocial meaning they can run around and do shit as soon as they’re hatched. Which is a good thing since they nest on the ground and it isn’t very safe to stay there long

safe under the mamther

So a cool thing about Killdeer is that they’re known for their broken wing act! Basically, while the mother is incubating the eggs, if a predator gets too close, she will pretend to have a broken wing and limp and flail around to get the predator to follow her away from her nest, and once she’s lured them far enough, she’ll fly away B)

I think we, as the main character in the Pokemon games, are spoiled, and Pokemon Go will show us to what extent we’re spoiled.

Every other character in games minus your rival has Pokemon that are specific to their region because they don’t have the time or money or freedom to travel like you do in the game.

So in Pokemon Go, maybe certain Pokemon will be region locked. You won’t be able to catch fresh water pokemon near the ocean (and maybe not even clean pokemon on the US east coast).

Most bird pokemon in the city will be the basics for each game (I’ve only played gen i and v so I’m not familiar with all of them)

Ratatas in the city, definitely.

Cities and suburbs and rural areas will have different pokemon, plus broken up by climate.

Can’t catch birds during the winter.

So your team will be region based, no better or worse than people in your area unless you go travel, or trade, or get super lucky.

Iunno it seems like an interesting take on the Pokemon games as far as reducing your limitless access to any pokemon you want and making regions genuine.