east coast asian american student union

thanks a lot, scholarship people

so like i said before, i got the scholarship i applied for a few weeks ago

i’d be a lot happier about this if it wasn’t federal money but since it is, they won’t allow me to put it towards my tuition

so they’re putting it towards shit like my books (which could be beneficial since i’m taking 5 classes this semester) and possibly conferences and anything that would be towards my education except tuition (which is what i need it for GODDAMNIT)

if they won’t let me put it towards buying a MacBook (which is technically still beneficial to my education since i’m a photo major), aside from books, i suppose  i could use it for conferences even though AARCC could pay for that shit, but whatever

i know i’ll probably put it towards paying for my MAASU SC registration, but if they’ll cover my travel costs, i’m seriously debating going to Duke for ECAASU. i missed my MAASU LR in my own university (sucks to suck, Kim. way to get violently ill that weekend) and i’m really curious to see what the East Coast Asian American student leader community is like.

have you ever been to ECAASU? if so, would you recommend going? i won’t know anyone, will you hang out with me if i go?!?! D: please!?

ECAASU Anyone?

Just to let everyone know, I will be attending the East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference Feb 24-26 @ Duke University!

Here’s the event page with all the info: http://www.facebook.com/events/143920412381567/

Sadly it’s too late to register but if anyone is going, shoot me a message and hopefully we can meet up! 

For Friday, I will be wearing red lips, a white blazer and nude pumps!

Saturday: A khaki cropped blazer, black pants and also my nude pumps

If you recognize me, feel free to say hi! I promise I won’t bite…